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Yokohama City Council Facebook page

Final update date April 1, 2020

Facebook Page Operation Policy / Reading method

About using Facebook page (Yokohama City Council of Facebook pages
Yokohama City Council City uses a Facebook page to disseminate information about City Counsil City.
Facebook is a communication service on the Internet. (Operated by Facebook Inc.)
Anyone who can use the Internet (PC, smartphone, mobile phone, etc.) can read it.
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Yokohama City Council Official Facebook Page Operation Policy

Date of development January 26, 2017

April 1, 2020 update

1. Operation

(1) Facebook Page URL (outside site)

(2) information sender

Yokohama City Council City Council Bureau Secretary and Public Relations

(3) Transmission details

We will send information about Yokohama City Council will be

(4) Management Officer

Yokohama City Council City Council Bureau Secretary and Public Relations Division

2. Management of comments

(1) Responding to posted comments

Comments posted on this page will not be answered in principle. Opinions and proposals to Yokohama City, including this section, will be accepted at "Proposals from Citizens (".

(2) Non-display or deletion of comments

This page is managed by Yokohama City CouncilCity Council Bureau manages this page. In the operation of this page, comments that are not related to transmitted information or comments that are judged to fall under the following items may be undisplayed or deleted without notice to the poster of the comment.

Oh, contents that violate laws, laws and regulations or may violate

B. Contrary to public order and morals

C. For political and religious activities

D) Promoting criminal acts

(E) Promoting discrimination or discrimination of race, thought, creed, etc.

F) slandering a particular individual, company, organization, etc., or damaging honor or trust

(G) Infringing privacy such as identifying, disclosing, or leaking personal information without the consent of the individual

(C) Infringes on patents, design rights, copyrights, trademark rights, portrait rights, etc. of Motoichi or third parties

For advertising, advertising, solicitation, sales activities and other commercial purposes

Spoofing other users and third parties

(A) False or significantly different from facts, or simply promoting reputation or reputation

C. Comments of the same content repeatedly posted by the same user

harmful programs

Includes obscene expressions

So Alter part or all of the contents sent by this section

Ta What seems to be contrary to Facebook Terms of Service

C. Others Information deemed inappropriate by Yokohama City Council's Information and Links, etc.

(3) About an account block

Users who have posted comments that fall under 2 (2) above or who have provided false personal information in violation of the Facebook Terms of Service, or who have determined that they are using another person's account without permission, will block the account May be.

3. Intellectual property rights

(1) About information transmitted on this page, we cannot reprint without permission in Yokohama-shi except act recognized by copyright law such as private use or citation. When making a quote, be sure to specify the source by an appropriate method.

(2) The copyright, etc. of the comments, etc. posted by the user belongs to the user who made the post, but once the posted, the user sends the posted content to Yokohama City free and non-exclusive worldwide. And agree not to exercise any copyright, etc. against Yokohama City.

4. Disclaimer

(1) Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information transmitted on this page, Yokohama City assumes no responsibility for any actions taken by the user using the information transmitted on this page.

(2) Yokohama City will not be liable for any troubles or damages caused by the information transmitted on this page between the user and a third party.

(3) Yokohama City is not responsible for any comments on this page posted by the user.

(4) In addition, Yokohama-shi does not take any responsibility for any damage caused in connection with this page.

5. Personal information

About collection, use, management of personal information on this page, we handle appropriately as follows based on the regulations about protection of Yokohama-shi personal information and will try for the making of page which all of you can use in peace.

(1) Personal information is information collected through the use of this page that can identify an individual.

(2) When collecting personal information through this page, the principle is to provide information at the will of the user. When collecting personal information, we will specify and specify the purpose of use. We will collect personal information within the scope necessary to achieve the specified purpose of use.

(3) The collected personal information will be used for the purpose of use specified in advance. Personal information will not be used or provided for any purpose other than the specified purpose of use, except in certain cases stipulated in the Ordinance on the Protection of Yokohama City Personal Information, such as with the consent of the individual.

(4) The collected personal information will be strictly managed, and we will respond promptly in the unlikely event that leakage, misappropriation, etc. occurs or is likely to occur.

6 Changes in Operational Policy

The operation policy on this page is subject to change without prior notice.

End of page 7

This page may be terminated or closed without prior notice.

Inquiries to this page

Secretariat and Public Relations Division, City Council Bureau City Counsil

Telephone: 045-671-304040

Telephone: 045-671-304040

Fax: 045-681-7388

Email address: [email protected]

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