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Record of City Counsil

Last update date July 9, 2020

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※You can see minutes such as plenary session (after 1991 first regular assembly), permanent post, special committee (after 1998 second regular assembly) from homepage.
※We changed URL of minutes search system. Sorry for your inconvenience, but we have you access from the link mentioned above, and person made bookmark would like registration of new URL.
  • Reading of minutes (booklet version)
"Yokohama City Council minutes" which settled discussion of plenary session, you can see record of the Standing Committee, the City Counsil governing board, special committee, budget, Special Committee for Annual Settlement of Accounts and all the members meeting in citizen's information center (the first floor of the city hall), Chuo-toshokan, each ward library. Unlike minutes search system, you can see bill book and the deliberation material, too.
But, about the deliberation information about Standing Committee and special committee, it becomes reading in citizen's information center.
※You can see the deliberation information about Standing Committee after regular assembly, City Counsil governing board and special committee (except a part) from page of committee activity summary in the second in 2007.

 Committee activity summary

 Special committee report

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