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Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward life, disaster prevention map

Last update date November 25, 2019

About Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward life, disaster prevention map

We place geography, public facilities information of Seya Ward and disaster prevention information such as evacuation shelter.
We distribute in ward office and Seya library, district center.

Ward general view

General view (map side) (PDF: 4,541KB)

General view (cover side) (PDF: 4,786KB)

Figure of division into eight

Image which pulled division into eight of lines on map of Seya Ward

1 map (the northwestern part) (PDF: 1,057KB)
2 maps (the northwestern part) (PDF: 697KB)
3 maps (Northwest Chuubu) (PDF: 1,123KB)
4 maps (Northeast Chuubu) (PDF: 995KB)
5 maps (Southwest Chuubu) (PDF: 1,168KB)
6 maps (Southeast Chuubu) (PDF: 1,279KB)
7 maps (the southwestern part) (PDF: 974KB)
8 maps (the southeastern part) (PDF: 1,016KB)

Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward life map for GIS

GIS is abbreviation of Geographic Information System (geographical information system) and displays various information on the map and is management, system to analyze. There are map of background that facility information (Address, Phone number) can identify on map and change of aerial photograph and search, movement in Address and comprises convenient function. Please inflect.

To Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward life map (minnadetsukuruyokohamappuno page) for GIS (the outside site)

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Seya Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section

Telephone: 045-367-5636

Telephone: 045-367-5636

Fax: 045-365-1170

E-Mail address [email protected]

Seya Ward General Affairs Division disaster prevention charge

Telephone: 045-367-5611

Telephone: 045-367-5611

Fax: 045-366-9657

E-Mail address [email protected]

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