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We published history about Ayumi - Silk Road of Seya Ward!

Last update date March 14, 2019

Is Seya Ward which was born in 1969, but become Seya Ward; history is repeated for some time all the time.
Do you not really look back on history of Seya Ward here?

It was admitted fact that people were that would be main by hunting now in place of Seya in the no earthenware vessel times about 20,000 years before by discovery of stone implement excavated from the Seyacho Hongo loam layer in 1957.
Seya of Nara, the Heian era was divided into upper Seya, Nakazeya, three characters and phase Henzawa of Shimoseya in area where had a long north and south 2 village and a half (about 10km, the early period of Nara era).
We were blessed with the rich soil, and it was U.S. made, and the making of cloth was run, and Kumano Shinto shrine was founded in Akuwa in 968 (Anna 1).
It was the Edo era, and, as for Seya, it was follower of chief administrator Hikosaka small punishment department of Tokugawa (hikosakakogyobu), and land surveying was performed for the first time. Afterwards, Noshin, Seya field was cleared and cultivated, and Seya as agricultural area prospered.

We extract from "memory of the tenth anniversary of the Seya constituency system enforcement" in 1979

History chart of Seya

Chronological table


Municipal organization takes effect in Yokohama.
Kamakura county Seya village (Seya, Futatsu Bridge, Miyazawa) and Nakagawa-mura (Akuwa, Okazu others) are born by merger of towns and villages

Image of around 1943 Soutetsu Line
Around 1943 Soutetsu Line

Image of around 1951, 1932 Mitsukyo Station
Around 1951, 1932 Mitsukyo Station

Image around around 1952 Mitsukyo station square mall
Around around 1952 Mitsukyo station square mall

Image of the neighborhood of 1959 Mitsukyo Station
The neighborhood of 1959 Mitsukyo Station

Image of 1962 Akuwa-cho
1962 Akuwa-cho

Image of around 1969 Seya Ward government office
Around 1969 Seya Ward government office

Image of 1975 gate of a tenement house style Park
1975 gate of a tenement house style Park

*Photo courtesy

Meeting knowing history of Seya Ward, Aizawa Imperial mandate, edict or decree two

Ward office
Newly finished Seya Ward synthesis government building and Futatsu Bridge park
March, 2013


Seya Bank opens in daimyo's second residence


Railroad out of God starts business between Atsugi - Futamatagawa
We established station in Mitsukyo, Futatsu Bridge, Seya each
*The 1960 (1960) Futatsu Bridge station abolition
The Totsuka Ward era


Current Seya area is admitted into Yokohama-shi and installs Totsuka Ward Seya branch office (2528, Seyacho), Nakagawa branch office (237, Okazucho)


The first councilor election was held as Yokohama citizen


Soutetsu Line (of God) started electric driving between Yamato, Seya
(start between May of the year Seya, Mitsukyo)


Seya branch office is promoted to Totsuka Ward government office Seya branch
The Seya Ward era

(1969)October 1

We install Seya Ward in Seya branch jurisdiction


Seya Ward synthesis government building is completed in Futatsu Bridge 190


Seya Shimin-no-Mori is open


Population of ward by estimate breaks through 100,000 people


We establish flower, tree, chicken (hydrangea zelkova blue magpie) of Seya Ward


We establish emblem of Seya Ward


Population of ward by estimate breaks through 120,000 people


Miyazawa Fureaijurin, Higashiyama contact forest are open


We appoint Seya Ward evacuation shelter


Seya Ward mascot character Seyamaru birth


Association of Seya Ward Neighborhood Associations wins the eleventh disaster prevention town development award (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications sponsorship)


New Seya Ward synthesis government building corresponding to barrier-free is completed


Futatsu Bridge park completion


(1613) Ieyasu Tokugawa takes a rest on this ground by two Kami Bridge intersections in 1613, and there is monument which we wrote down 31-syllable Japanese poem which we wrote in.

History about Silk Road

Sericulture business was prosperous in Seya from the time in the middle of the Meiji era to the around 30s of the Showa era. Please see about history of Seya over the sericulture spinning.

History 1 (PDF: 10,649KB) about Silk Road
History 2 (PDF: 10,983KB) about Silk Road

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