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Volunteer registration system (Seya ward human resources bank "Mate")

Final update date February 24, 2021

Human Resources Bank (What is Seya Ward Human Resources Bank "Mate"?

The Seya Residents' Activities Center accepts volunteer registrations for individuals and groups who want to use their experience, knowledge, and skills to help local people's activities and to help them.
The registered individual / group volunteers are called "mates" and are introduced when requested by each group / facility, such as circles, children's associations, district centers, welfare facilities, schools, etc.

Knowing and examining registered individual and group volunteers

Search from Kanagawa Lifelong Learning Information System "PLANET Kanagawa".
Searching for Seya Ward Search
Move to PLANET Kanagawa "Trainer Human Resources Information Search Screen" (external site)
※How to Use Human Resources Search
Press the search button above. → We move to Kanagawa lifelong learning information system "PLANET Kanagawa". → Press the "Leader / Human Resources" button. → Press "Select activity area", select "Seya Ward" to press the "Search" button.

Registration method and system introduction

No special qualifications are required. Why don't you make use of your knowledge and experience in the community?
Mate Explanation Image 1
We accept registration at window of Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center.
Image 2
・Mate is a volunteer. (Please register after understanding the purpose.)
・The registration is valid until the next mate guide is issued. (Renewable)

When registering as a mate or requesting a mate (facility, organization, etc.)

If you are consulting about mate registration or requesting a registered mate, please contact our center.
We also accept telephone consultations.
About volunteer request consultation to mate, we introduce person who met contents, condition from registrant. After the end of activities
Please submit the report. (We will prepare the form)

Inquiries to this page

Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center

Telephone: 045-369-7081

Telephone: 045-369-7081

Fax: 045-366-4670

Email address: [email protected]

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