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About volunteer registration system (seya ward human resources bank "mate")

Last update date November 11, 2020

Human resources bank (what seya ward human resources bank "mate" is

We accept volunteer registration of individual, group to want to help activity again which we make use of own experience, knowledge, technique in Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center and want to make use of for activity of local people.
We call individual, volunteer of group who had you register "mate" and introduce when there was request from circle and child society, district center, welfare facilities, each group, facility including school.

We know registering individual, volunteer of group and check

We search from Kanagawa lifelong learning information system "PLANET Kanagawa".

Seya Ward registration human resources search
We move to PLANET Kanagawa "leader human resources information retrieval screen" (the outside site)

※Usage of human resources search
We push the search button mentioned above → We move to Kanagawa lifelong learning information system "PLANET Kanagawa" → We push button of "leader, human resources" → You push "we choose activity area" and choose "Seya Ward", and please push "search" button.

Registration method, system introduction

We do not need special qualification. Do you not make use of past knowledge and your experience in area?
Mate commentary image 1
We accept registration at window of Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center.
Mate commentary image 2
・Mate is volunteer. (please register purpose after understanding.)
・It is said until mate guide issuance on the next time for validity of registration. (we can update)

When we ask mate registration and mate (facility, group)

When you think of request to consultation about mate registration and registered mate, please ask our center. We accept consultation over telephone.
About volunteer request consultation to mate, we introduce which contents, condition had from registrant. Please submit report after activity. (we offer style)

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Seya inhabitant of a ward activity center

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Telephone: 045-369-7081

Fax: 045-366-4670

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