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2019 Seya Ward budget

About the making of 2019 Seya Ward unit characteristics ward promotion costs that there is

Last update date March 14, 2019

The making of Seya who can realize happiness

For realization of the basic aim "making of Seya of Seya Ward administration policy who can realize happiness", we do "development, expansion, review of business that steady accomplishment of basic duties and new approach considered" "development of measure that was conscious of the making of new charm of future Seya" "town development promotion that is strong for disaster" "solution of area problem that ward office was united" with basic posture and push forward various approaches by cooperation more than frames of section and collaboration with area.

About the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs

The making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs are budgets for ward office which is base of imminent citizen's service to promote the making of unit-related ward that there is that accepted local characteristic and needs.

  • Self planning operating cost: Operating cost for ward to support local imminent problem and needs originally
  • Unification desk work operating cost: Desk work costs of each ward office section and expense to modify activities such as issuance of public information Yokohama ward version and civic consultation, the young people instructor
  • Use of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility management fee: Expense to affect management administration such as ward government building, use of inhabitant of a ward facility
  • Warming measures plus business: Operating cost to promote approach of warming measures in ward office and area

System of budget

About self planning business

1.Child, young upbringing (15.551 million yen)

We perform childcare support necessary for child to be born and raised in good health. In addition, in cooperation with area or school, we support young growth spiritually rich well and perform learning support to the small, junior high student.
<< main business >> open up healthy Seya native business, future! Seya native business

2.Health promotion, improvement of welfare (16.502 million yen)

For breeding of climate where inhabitant of a ward works on health promotion, we perform offer of place that is a chance and environment creation to continue, and to be able to work on. In addition, by cooperation with area or the welfare health practice group, we plan improvement of local health, welfare.
<< main business >> healthy seya promotion business, elderly person support project

3.Town development (16.704 million yen) of security, relief

We plan functional enhancement of enhancement of the medical system maintenance and storage grade and disaster headquarters at improvement and disaster of local disaster prevention power through disaster drill, the training. In addition, in cooperation with affiliate, we promote enlightenment, improvement of anti-crime program, road safety awareness.
<< main business >> measures business such as disasters, safe support project of town

4.Attractive creation, promotion (43.329 million yen) of inhabitant of a ward collaboration

By various approaches utilizing local resources of Seya, general by charm of Seya; send continuously. In addition, through exchange promotion between collaboration and inhabitants of a ward with inhabitant of a ward, commerce and industry promotion, we plan improvement of activation of inhabitant of a ward activity and local power.
<< main business >> the attractive making of dispatch, famous place business of Seya, commerce and industry energy up business

5.Ward office (2,935 1,000 yen) of sympathy, trust

Through utilization of conduct and information for reception power training volunteer of the staff, we plan improvement of person of next agency service to realize ward office which can meet trust and expectation. In addition, by improvement of public information, public hearing, we realize ward office which is familiar to inhabitant of a ward.
<< main business >> improvement in over-the-counter service business, public information, public hearing cooperation business

About business plan

For more information about business plan of the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs, please see the following business plans.

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