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About conduct of 2020 national census

Last update date June 25, 2020

Summary of national census

 October 1, 2020 is carried out simultaneously nationwide as investigation date and is the most important statistics investigation of all people and country for household living in Japan.
We carry out based on statistical law every five years to clarify the actual situation of Japanese population and household, and findings is used as the basics of various measures data including social welfare and disaster prevention measures.

Investigation schedules

Engagement period

 From the end of August, 2020 to the end of October (from briefing session attendance to the end of the investigation)

Main job of investigator

 ① Attendance (from August 27 to September 10) to investigator briefing session
 ② Range confirmation of investigation ward, making (briefing session - September 13) of investigation ward outline drawing of necessary parts
 ③ Household distribution (from September 14 to September 20) of ID for the Internet answer and questionnaire
 ④ Distribution (from October 1 to October 3) of answer confirmation leaflet
 ⑤ Collection (when there is household which promised collection) of questionnaire (from October 1 to October 7)
 ⑥ Submission of documents of relationships, request for submission to questionnaire non-submission household (the mid-October and late October)

About response to new coronavirus infectious disease

 In Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, we are examining countermeasure depending on the situation about investigation methods (distribution, collection of investigator and questionnaire which household does not contact directly) in consideration for prevention of infection spread now.

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