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The 50th memory, Seya marathon event

Last update date January 31, 2020

 On Sunday, January 19 of 2020 that was the Olympics Paralympics year, "Seya Ward marathon event" met the 50th memorable holding. Snow worried about holding with the look of the sky to be mixed, but we were blessed with weather on that day and became ideal day for marathon the day before.

  Players started with signal of pistol all at once and began to run from the navy road in 5km, course of 10km. We had you give many inhabitants of a ward a big cheer from roadside while runner of about 1,000 of wide age group ran from fifth grader to adult. We feel warmth of personality of everybody every day, but we can be keenly aware of when we participate in event and are glad.

 We touched in the beginning, but are the Olympics Paralympics year this year. We think that many customers visit Yokohama from home and abroad. We publicize charm of ward to have you go to visit Seya and want to have customer with "warmth" only by Seya and feeling of "hospitality".

January 28, 2020
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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