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A Happy New Year

Last update date January 1, 2020

 Everybody, A Happy New Year.
 On the beginning of the year, we express New Year's greetings.

 Seya Ward reached the constituency system 50th anniversary last year. We hold commemorative ceremony and local event with many inhabitants of a ward, all of group, companies and, including all of executive committees, sincerely appreciate what we were able to celebrate. We feel that it became for one year deserving to be that each event becomes lively very much and celebrates the 50th anniversary.
 We participated in various events including Seya Festival other than local event in conjunction with the 50th anniversary and were able to be keenly aware of "warmth" of everybody and "attachment to area".

 Well, in Yokohama-shi, we push forward holding of international gardening exhibition in the old top Seya communication facilities, but feel that interest of Seya inhabitants of a ward is very high.
 As local ward, we will try for invitation success and mood breeding of exhibition sequentially in this year. In addition, we will push forward approach to bring further vitality and bustle including examination of maintenance of inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center and the very large ruins use of the old top Seya communication facilities.
 And, for "the making of Seya who can realize happiness", it becomes the staff bullet, and your it would be highly appreciated as we will act for the administration of a ward administration that snuggled up to inhabitants of a ward.

 For end, this one year wishes so that it is wonderful age for everybody and should be New Year's greetings.

Photograph of Morise Mayor Tani

January 1, 2020
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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