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About evacuation shelter

Last update date October 4, 2019

 It was season of the refreshing clear autumn sky. Is everybody getting along well?
 Well, we introduce one of the Seya Ward government office emphasis business "anti-disaster measures for disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage" this time.
 We do not know when large-scale earthquake occurs in Yokohama-shi. It is "evacuation shelter" that becomes place of life as an evacuee when major earthquake is generated, and house of everybody suffers damage.
 In Seya Ward, we appoint 15 elementary and junior high schools in ward in evacuation shelter and carry out acceptance and supply of hot meals of refugee, simple restroom setting training by the governing board sponsorship in autumn in winter.
 For the making of relations with a view of face in area, please participate in disaster drill by all means to confirm what life as an evacuee of hatsuwazawaigo actually becomes.
 At the same time, we would appreciate your speaking storage of prevention of fall and safety confirmation method, food of furniture and restroom pack in families at this opportunity.

Image of refugee acceptance training
State of refugee acceptance training

October 4, 2019
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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