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It was under another 100 days to the Seya constituency system 50th anniversary!

Last update date June 27, 2019

 It is Nagamori, Seya-ku.

 Seya Ward reaches the constituency system 50th anniversary on October 1, 2019.

 June 23 was finally under another 100 days to the constituency system 50th anniversary the other day on 100 days ago.
 Ward office heaps up the constituency system 50th anniversary with as a team while commemorative project that people of area, affiliate, school, company vary is carried out.

 Well, in 1989, we raised works under the theme of "future (now) of Seya Ward" as one of the business of the 20th anniversary of the constituency system from primary and secondary student in ward. We stored picture and collection of works (560 points) applied for in capsule and decided to open in the constituency system 50th anniversary.

 And, on June 2 of this year, we reached work 30 years ago and day to meet again at last.
 We carried out time capsule opening event and had you participate toward 36 primary and secondary students at the time and family. If not to know at all was what kind of work you wrote, to remember clearly came.

 We were pleased with reencounter with classmate after a long absence and said, "child is better" in parent and child on seeing work, and venue was a lot of smiles, peaceful atmosphere.
 "Seya is full of nature, and, from person who left Seya Ward, is town to be relieved" at now; had to talk, and was glad at all.
 We introduce state and work of open event in commemorative ceremony of October 5. Please be looking forward to.

State of time capsule opening event

 "Both memory and the future are this Seya together"
 We strongly felt that we wanted to connect charm of Seya with the next generation from now on.

June 27, 2019
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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