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It was season feeling good with walk in the outside

Last update date May 24, 2019

 It is Nagamori, Seya-ku.
 It was season feeling good with walk in the outside.
I enjoyed open garden of April by bicycle visiting the wards, too. It was impressive that by enjoying colorful flowers, many smiles bloomed.
 We develop flower and the making of charm project "garden necklace Yokohama 2019" by green in Yokohama-shi. In the Seya Ward, we perform various approaches under the theme of "flower and town Seya filled with greenery".

  • Seyamaru University flower bed

 We installed "Seyamaru University flower bed" in the Seya Station north exit station square to heap up "the Seya constituency system 50th anniversary" and "garden necklace Yokohama 2019".
We have you enjoy flower and green to color town, and let's celebrate the Seya constituency system 50th anniversary together!
Until from Saturday, March 23 to Friday, May 31

  • Seya Ward opening garden

 It is plan to have it rotates freely and enjoy flower beds which garden and local all of personal houses bring up. At this time when the third became held, 42 venues participated. At the time of holding of May, open cafe appeared at the Seya Station north exit and became oasis that healed fatigue of walk.

  • Hospitality of rose

 We carry out "hospitality" of "rose" that, "thank you", loaded flower "rose" of city with feeling as hospitality to person who came to celebration and Seya Ward of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system. We produced various works using "rose" which children made with origami. As you put together in Yokohama Rose week and perform display in public facilities in ward, come to venue by all means.
・From Friday, May 3 to Sunday, June 2
Page this of hospitality of rose detailed

 After this, we hold ward office, public hall, Futatsu Bridge park by "health fair in venue on Sunday, June 2 whenever we fall silent from Seya Ward". Everybody state carry foot by all means both children and adults as it is event that sees, and listens, and moves, and can sense "health promotion" bodily.

May 24, 2019
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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