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Last update date March 27, 2019

It is Nagamori, Seya-ku. Even Seya Ward reached flowering time of cherry blossoms.
Where do all of you do cherry blossom viewing?

At first, famous spots for its cherry blossoms of Seya Ward include the navy road.
400 cherry blossoms bloom in profusion on both sides of straight line road of about 3km, and arch of cherry blossoms at the time of full bloom is the best part. One cherry blossom one is beautiful, and state that pink obi continues is founded nearby from remote place.
In addition, we can enjoy cherry blossoms at field boundary road of ward boundary with Asahi Ward, waterside of Izumi riverside, many places including park.
We have you go to visit, and how about when we find favorite place only for oneself?

Homepage of Yokohama-shi was renovated, and homepage of Seya Ward changed this spring, too.
Each department puts its ingenuity and made page, but constitution of page is fixed from now on and becomes easy to see so far.
Will please see by all means in future as we send a lot of various information of Seya Ward.
Business of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system begins, too. You have you confirm schedules, and please participate in event worried about.
We will heap up year of this turning point with local everybody.

March 27, 2019
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

Photograph that Director General of Seya Ward has stuffed toy of Seya Ward mascot character Seyamaru
Director General of Seya Ward and Seya Ward mascot character "Seyamaru"

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