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Hydrangea reaches the best time to see

Last update date June 25, 2020

 Hello, everybody. It is forest of Director General of Seya Ward.
 In Seya Ward, there are a lot of spots to be able to enjoy flower "hydrangea" of ward.
 Of the staff who hydrangea of "Futatsu Bridge park" of the ward office adjacency reaches the best time to see, and works at ward office including me heal.

 We introduce "hydrangea spot in ward" on ward office homepage to be able to add hydrangea spot of neighborhood in walk course of inhabitants of a ward. In addition, we introduce "photograph of hydrangea" to house ino everybody in distant place to be able to enjoy hydrangea of Seya through homepage.
 It does not come true to appreciate in many people for infectious disease measures noisily, but is happy if you can enjoy hydrangea blooming through various appreciation methods beautifully.

 [hydrangea introduction URL]
We are doing introductions of hydrangea photograph photographed in the highlight, ward of hydrangea in ward.

[hydrangea 360 degrees video (You Tube)]
In state that played video, you have drag (PC) of screen and by doing swipe (smartphone), can see at 360 degrees angle you like. Please enjoy a sense of reality appreciating locally casually in house. (the outside site)

June 25, 2020
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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