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Last update date June 22, 2020

 After cancellation of emergency declaration based on special measures law of new coronavirus measures, limit for prevention of infection spread has been relaxed progressively. Self-restraint of movement to step over the metropolis and districts was canceled on June 19. Activity according to past cannot reopen immediately, but reopens about use of inhabitant of a ward facility and inhabitant of a ward service, event that stopped sequentially after having taken infection measures based on policy, guidelines on prefecture and city in the Seya Ward government office. On the other hand, virus did not completely end. Thanks in advance for your help by approach that everybody protects you.

 We had you contribute mask from Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. on June 17.
 Dai-ichi Life Insurance Co., Ltd. donated 1,000 pieces of masks which ran low for prevention of new model coronavirus infection spread from thought that we wanted to work on solution of social problem by working on local contribution coherent to area. For inhabitants of a ward, it wants to inflect effectively in future.
 Besides, I receive great contribution from new coronavirus infection measures. We offer my gratitude for the kindness of everybody deeply.

June 22
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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