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About new coronavirus infectious disease

Last update date April 30, 2020

 Report to all of you breaks off for a while and is sorry since I did report of Seya marathon.
 As "setting of Seyamaru monument" did "issuance of magazine of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system" as the completion of business of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system the other day in March, 2020, we report.

 The infection situation of new coronavirus changes every moment every day and thinks whether there is much inhabitants of a ward that uneasy days are spent every day. In addition, we feel that closing of use of inhabitant of a ward facility, cancellation and postponement such as events, influence on life of all of city schools including closure of a school are big. And we are worried that influence on various types of industry is serious above all including medium and small-sized business.
 Furthermore, we have you work in the front line of fight with really severe virus and sincerely offer my gratitude for healthcare workers.
 We do brisk bathroom which avoids "sealing" ahead of non-pivot non-sudden going out "crowd" "closeness" to suppress infection spread as soon as possible, and cooperation of is essential. Ward office works on support of inhabitants of a ward mainly on Health and Welfare Center with every effort, too. We are careful about health care enough together and will survive mind and body each other.
 Through event, event in area and activity of various groups, we would like day to be able to see everybody soon as it is a pleasure and will try hard.

April 30, 2020
Seya Ward Hideki Nagamori

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