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Trend spotter system of town

Last update date September 18, 2020

"Trend spotter system of town" is Seya Ward original public hearing system to ask about voice from local everybody widely.
We classify problems of town in three of the "unit" "area" "field" and include means of public hearing suitable for each.
At ward office, we want to make use of request for the administration of a ward of everybodies as many as possible and opinion in inquiry, future administration.

Figure of trend spotter system image of town

Inhabitant of a ward trend spotter (suggestion, konohazuku suggestion box from citizen)

Please see page of opinion, suggestion for more information about "konohazuku suggestion box" "suggestion from citizen".

Theme trend spotter (Director General and warm talk)

We visit activity place of group where Director General works on in ward directly and do with help of the administration of a ward promotion by exchanging opinions about activity contents.
Please see Director General and page of warm talk about conventional "Director General and warm talk".

General trend spotter (inhabitant of a ward attitude survey)

We carry out "Seya Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey" to call about thought for the administration of a ward of inhabitants of a ward or imminent living environment, and to do with the basics information on pushing forward the future administration of a ward. For details, please see page of inhabitant of a ward attitude survey.

Area trend spotter (district support team)

The person in charge of each district alliance hears about local opinion through activity as district support team.

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