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We save electricity in house! Two weeks challenge

We will save electricity this summer in house!

Last update date July 1, 2020

We pay attention to four household appliances using a lot of electricity in particular as and save electricity!

In house of everybody, four household appliances to use use electricity in particular a lot every day.

Image of four household appliances

We will work on power saving in house while paying attention to these four household appliances, and using challenge sheet!
When you record approach result and apply, you can get present by all means!
※When you work on power saving, please work on physical condition not to make any unreasonableness.
※In Yokohama-shi, we aim for having reduction (reduced by the ratio by 30% in 2013) of greenhouse gas discharge of 2030 to 15 million t-CO2.
※"g-CO2" "t-CO2" is unit to express mass of carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas).


We present to all the applicants!

We present Seyamaru thermometer card to all the people who challenge power saving, and applied!

We present by lot!

We present Seyamaru shopping bag toward ten people from applicant by lot!

About application

Challenge period

From Wednesday, July 1, 2020 to Sunday, September 6, 2020

The application deadline

It must arrive by Friday, September 18, 2020


Resident in Seya Ward

Application method

You specify required items (Address, full name, Phone number, period when you worked, 0 numbers, impressions every household appliances), and please apply by either method of 1-5.
※Please utilize challenge sheet of July issue for leaflet and public information Yokohama Seya Ward, result report paper.

  1. We send by mail (〒 246-0021 190, Futatsubashicho, Seya-ku Seya Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section expectation)
  2. We send by E-mail ([email protected])
  3. We send by FAX (045-365-1170)
  4. To teller directly (the third floor of the ward office 37th window)
  5. From Yokohama-shi electron application, report service

※Application by electronic application, report service, please access from the next URL or two-dimensional bar code.

About the application number of times

When we have you challenge several times in different period during challenge period, multiple application is possible. (we can apply to up to four times.)


・We can apply once if we work in total for 14 days even if it is not consecutive 14 days.


It is leaflet which is usable on challenge sheet and result report paper.
To leaflet, 3 points and column spending time coolly "will protect the earth by power saving!" This is published, too. Check it out!
※When you mail report paper as postcard as a result of leaflet, please print leaflet at A3 size.

Leaflet place to arrange

"We save electricity in house! Challenge leaflet arranges at the next place for two weeks.

  • The third floor of the ward office 37th window
  • Public facilities in ward
  • Mitsukyo Station (Yokohama-shi PR box)
  • Seya Station (Yokohama-shi PR box)

Quantity of carbon dioxide reduction calculation grounds

Calculation grounds of quantity of carbon dioxide reduction are this.

Calculation grounds of quantity of carbon dioxide reduction

Indication of carbon dioxide reduction quantity per day


Calculating formula

We do not leave TV on


・When we reduce time to see TV (32V type) for one hour a day
 It is energy saving ... of 16.79kWh in the year①

16.79 (kWh/ year) X 474(g-CO2/kWh) ÷ 365 (day/age) =22(g-CO2)

If room becomes cool enough
We raise setting temperature of air-conditioner by 1 degree Celsius


・When, at the time of fresh air temperature 31 degrees, we make air conditioner setting temperature of air-conditioner (2.2kW) 28 degrees from 27 degrees (use time: for nine hours on/day use of air conditioner day: for 112 days in/year)
 It is energy saving ... of 30.24kWh in the year①

30.24 (kWh/ year) X 474(g-CO2/kWh) ÷ 112 (day/age) =128(g-CO2)

We do not leave lighting on


・When we shorten lighting time for incandescent bulb 1 light of 54W for one hour a day
 It is energy saving ... of 19.71kWh in the year①

19.71 (kWh/ year) X 474(g-CO2/kWh) ÷ 365 (day/age) =26(g-CO2)

* puts the contents of refrigerator in order


・Comparison when it was assumed that we packed to half
 It is energy saving ... of 43.84kWh in the year①

43.84 (kWh/ year) X 474(g-CO2/kWh) ÷ 365 (day/age) =57(g-CO2)

※①It is the source of this: Center energy-saving the Agency for Natural Resource and Energy "domestic energy saving thorough guide"
※"474(g-CO2/kWh)" of calculating formulas CO2 emission coefficient (the source: in Tokyo Electric Power energy partner (2016))

※It is said that tree of cedar absorbs 38.3 g of carbon dioxide in one day per one.

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