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Seya Ward young people instructor contact meeting  

Seya Ward young people instructor contact meeting plans event that children can enjoy in area in hope of spiritually rich growth of children. In addition, through local patrol, we work on environment creation which is kind to child and the young people.

Last update date June 18, 2020

News from Seya blue finger

We issue public information paper "Seya blue finger letter" that settled one-year activity of the young people instructor every year in March.
We circulate in Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and distribute at ward offices.

The latest issue

News from Seya blue finger 14 (PDF: 1,729KB) R2.3 issuance

One news from Seya finger 14
News from Seya finger 14

※News from Seya blue finger 14 was behind with issuance under the influence of new coronavirus.

Back numbers

News from Seya blue finger No. 13 (PDF: 608KB) H31.3 issuance 
News from Seya blue finger No. 12 (PDF: 1,552KB) H30.3 issuance
News from Seya blue finger No. 11 (PDF: 738KB) H29.3 issuance

What is the young people instructor?

The young people instructor is entrusted with for the purpose of planning young healthy upbringing in a term of 2 years by The Mayor of Yokohama and Governor of Kanagawa by promoting young self-activity in community and the upbringing organization activity.
145 people recommended by Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations are active in Seya Ward as Seya Ward young people instructor. (as of April 30, 2020)

The Seya Ward young people instructor number of people (as of April 30, 2020) of each district
The district nameThe northern part of AkuwaThe southern part of AkuwaMitsukyoThe Seya firstHongoThe northern part of SeyaThe Seya secondThin TandoThe Seya fourthMinamiseyaMiyazawaAizawaThe total
The number of people12 people13 people13 peopleTen peopleNine people11 people21 peopleSix people15 peopleTen peopleTen people

15 people

145 people

Duty of the young people instructor

•Young instruction and upbringing of group
•Promotion of local action to affect young upbringing
•We work on local environmental maintenance and cooperation to facility
•We work on consultation and protection about the young people
•Instruction upbringing of working youth and increase of the welfare

Blue finger emblem
Yokohama-shi young people instructor emblem

It is emblem of Yokohama-shi young people instructor supporting society watching the young people.

Activity of Seya Ward young people instructor

As existence that it is like the local young people healthy upbringing focal point, we perform various activities that accepted patrol for community development which is desirable for the young people and social environmental research, the local fact including greetings exercise other than recreation and sports activity.
It moves into action in area of 12 district each and is active in the whole Seya Ward.

The whole workshop

We think, and the young people instructor carries out the useful training for own activity.
In 2019, we learned about point to keep in mind in ground of knowledge and play of leader who led play to children under the theme of "... to bring up ability of children through "technique of play" - play".

The whole workshop 1

The whole workshop 2

Seya native expeditionary party

We go to various places of outside of a ward apart from parent. Cannot usually do it; can experience, and do different age interchange.
In 2019, we went to "Kanazawa nature animal park" of Kanazawa Ward. We met many animals and plants in fine autumn park.


Child open space

Seya karuta meeting

Seya karuta meeting that became annual of the New Year.
Using "Seya history karuta" which can learn history of Seya Ward, we carry out meeting every year in January.

State 1 of karuta meeting

State 2 of karuta meeting

Main annual event in Seya Ward

Main annual event

The whole workshop (Seya Ward young people instructor workshop)
※We postpone after July in 2020

From July to August

We work on all cities simultaneous united action patrol

Social environmental fact-finding

OctoberWe work on all cities simultaneous action campaign
Seya Festival
Around NovemberSeya native expeditionary party
JanuarySeya karuta meeting
Seya Ward marathon event (cooperation)
MarchSeya blue finger letter issuance

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