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Past broadcast April, 2019 ...

Last update date March 23, 2020

March 12 broadcast "community development of assisting"

February 13 broadcast "hospitality only by Sakae Ward for Tokyo Olympics"

January 16 broadcast "inhabitants-based town development"

Broadcast "will prevent traffic accident, wire fraud" on December 12

November 14 broadcast "creatures of the weasel river source"

October 10 broadcast "it prospers safe community forum"

Broadcast "will know Sakae fire department!" on September 12

August 8 broadcast "Hongodai aosoramarushie"

"Let's investigate history around Hongodai Station" on July 6

June 13 broadcast "village forest - Kosugaya Isao Kita garden - reviving in the present age"

May 9 broadcast "town development that resists flood"

April 11 broadcast "flower and green town development"

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