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Last update date January 9, 2021

puratto cafe

※ nopuratto cafe has been already finished as follows.
・Cafe does holding of "the palpitation cafe" aimlessly on Saturday, November 28.
Entrance fee is free, and application is Wednesday, November 11 9:00 - acceptance (15 first arrival).
We bring your coming.
Please refer to the flyer (PDF: 855KB) for the details.
・Cafe does holding of "encounter cafe I" aimlessly on Saturday on 26th from Friday, December 25.
We bring your coming.
Please refer to the flyer (PDF: 1,380KB) for the details.

※It prospers, and, at the time of participation in inhabitant of a ward activity center holding nopuratto cafe, cooperation, please for thermometry by disinfection of finger and the staff with surgical spirit installing for the new coronavirus infectious disease prevention in front of mask wearing and reception desk. We would appreciate your understanding.

PC utilization course

We hold PC utilization course free to have you make use of PC for effective administration for activity groups.
Flyer of "PC utilization course" of 2020 is this (PDF: 446KB).

PC for free conference

It is free conference of being in trouble about PC. No appointment necessary
Note: On Saturday, January 16, 2021, holding of Saturday, March 20 was called off.
Flyer of PC for free conference is this (PDF: 5,436KB).

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