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About group registration

Last update date June 4, 2020

Registration group prospers, and they are group registered group (group) in inhabitant of a ward activity center "puratto Sakae".

List of registration groups (PDF: 427KB)

Prosper; group guidebook

"It prospers, and what is group guidebook" booklet?
It is convenient information booklet which introduction of group played an active part in each field that prospers, and is registered with inhabitant of a ward activity center "puratto Sakae" and information of use of inhabitant of a ward facility in Sakae Ward appeared in. Please inflect.
Prosper; group guidebook (PDF: 5,538KB)

Group registration

When group registration is done, through "puratto Sakae", we can disseminate information of recruitment of event notice, members.
When group registration is done, we can reserve use of meeting room and meeting space, work section of "puratto Sakae".

We accept registration at any time. Or we have you fill out use registration application (word: 28KB) (Word version) and have looking thing that it is revealed of terms and activity of group, and desired person, please visit the use registration application (PDF: 209KB) by group registration (PDF version).
We look forward to registration of many people, group.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
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