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Cancer screening

Did you receive all of Sakae Ward, cancer screening this year yet? We receive cancer screening, and let's detect cancer which is the cause of death first place of Japanese people early.

Last update date June 10, 2020

=Under the influence of new coronavirus, cancer screening (lung cancer, breast cancer) of 6 beautiful moonlight ward office venues is called off now in May. =

About Yokohama-shi cancer screening


People who meet age requirements of various cancer screening elsewhere in without consultation opportunity including health check-up in workplace
※Age requirements are different by various cancer screening.
※Please consult with family doctor now as person under treatment may not have a medical examination.

For more details, to information for Yokohama-shi cancer screening.

Person whom expense exempts

Expense of cancer screening is exempted, and person corresponding to any of the following can have a medical examination free.

・People as of April 1 of the next fiscal year to have a medical examination 70 years or older
→You can confirm age, and please show (health insurance cards) in health check-up.
・Person whom medical system for elder senior citizens is applied to
→Please show "identification of elderly aged 75 or over medical care person insured" in health check-up.
・People in social security household
→Please show "identifications of request for medical treatment such as holiday, the night" in health check-up.
・Person that support payment system is applied to Chinese residual Japaneses
→Please show "identification of identity verification" in health check-up.
・Only as for tax-free household or the per capita rate, municipal tax prefectural tax is people in taxation household in 2019
(based on income in the previous year of all the members of household. Said this year may vary according to time of application.)
→Procedure is necessary before health check-up. Please refer to ward office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section of ward to live.

※Colon cancer health check-up is not necessary for application of reduction of taxes confirmation for self-burden for free in 2020.

About consultation method

We get for medical institution

We can get for Yokohama-shi cancer screening conduct medical institution.
Apply over telephones directly. Consultation ticket is not sent.

(by appointment only) to receive at Sakae Ward government office

At Sakae Ward government office, we carry out breast cancer, lung cancer health check-up.

In detailed schedule, the reservation, please see Sakae Ward government office venue (PDF: 476KB) in 2020.

About cancer screening for free coupon (cancer screening promotion business)

About cancer screening for free coupon (cancer screening promotion business), please see Health and Social Welfare Bureau homepage.

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