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As of Care manager space information July 15, 2020

Last update date July 21, 2020

The second floor of the main building 23rd/The Long-term Care Insurance charge/telephone 894-8547 fax 893-3083

Sakae Ward "Care manager space information" tells about the right or wrong situation of new care plan contract in five phases of signs based on the Sakae Ward and ward of neighborhood, information from home care support company (company which does not hope for publication is excluded.) of Kamakura-shi. As for the explanation of sign, please see sign explanatory notes below.

  • As the space situation changes every moment, please contact each company for the latest information. In addition, please note that you may not contract depending on the situation even if there is indication of contract possibility.
  • "Company comment" published in Care manager space information just publishes sentence submitted to from home care support company. Please contact home care support company for contents of comment directly.
"New contract right or wrong information" sign explanatory notes
There is space enough and can contract.
There is space and can contract.
It reaches capacity, but can almost contract depending on the situation. Please consult.
XIt reaches capacity and cannot contract now.
There is no information update (the latest information ignorance)


Sakae Ward "Care manager space information" is edited according to good sense of The Mayor of Yokohama and Yokohama-shi Mayor Sakae, but does not give integrity, accuracy of listed information all guarantees. The Mayor of Yokohama and Yokohama-shi Mayor Sakae do not take responsibility for loss that occurred indirectly directly by using information included in Sakae Ward "Care manager space information" or contents at all. By providing information, also, user should agree to home care support company which provided information by reading "Care manager space information".

◎ Information Sakae Ward "Care manager space information" of home care support companies such as Sakae Ward (PDF: 141KB)

Product for home care support companies

Sakae Ward "Care manager space information" commuter pass contact vote (PDF: 160KB)
When publication contents of list have change, correction, by this contact vote, please report by fax. We would like every month by 20th.

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Telephone: 045-894-8539

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