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Activity record of 2018

Last update date August 18, 2020

nishimarochanno activity record

We participated in "the sixth third district contact spring festival" on Sunday, May 20, 2018

The local "third district contact spring festival" that began to push forward "the making of with a view of face of relationships." Weather was good, and Inaridai Elementary School of venue was full of refreshment stand and pleasant entertainment, many visitors including introduction of disaster prevention. We were able to spend a happy day touching with nishimarochammo, local everybody very much. Did you learn all, nishimarochanno face?

nishimarochanni children who hold, and arrive We thoroughly enjoy performance of brass band Children in clothes of fire fighter

We participated in "cherry tree Festa 2018" on Saturday, April 7, 2018

"Minato Mirai cherry tree festival" that was started on March 31 until April 8. On 7th, Sakura Dori became vehicle-free promenade, and "cherry tree parade" was carried out. Most of the Sakura Dori was cherry trees with early leaves, but gorgeous dance by preschooler, Nishi Ward lyceum in marching band and Nishi Ward enlivened event. We enjoyed contact with nishimarochammotakusannoo visitor without losing strong wind to blow petal without mercy.
Parade Photograph which dances Child who holds nishimarochanni, and arrives

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