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Activity record of 2017

Last update date June 19, 2020

nishimarochanno activity record

We participated in "Nishi Ward candle art 2017" on Saturday, December 23, 2017

"Nishi Ward candle art" reached the tenth anniversary in 2,017 years. Person arrived as memory of the tenth anniversary plans "candle tree" which can write message to candle cover on the spot. On seeing venue wrapped in figure which everybody who arrived writes message hard and light that is warm as become gloomy in nishimarochanno wakuwaku at the climax.
Nishi Ward and character "hikonyan of Hikone-shi with interchange were able to spend a little early wonderful Christmas together, too".

Prosperous yellowtail that "candle tree" can stand in line in front of reception desk!

Collaboration of illuminations and "candle tree"

Candle which local primary schoolchild drew heartily

We take a ceremonial photograph with Hikone-shi character "hikonyan"

Candle art of Hikone-shi character "hikonyan" and "nishimarochan"

We participated in "walking Festival of the eleventh Nishi Ward Hama" on Sunday, December 3, 2017

"Yokohama rose, and person of about 960 was divided into 2 course of course" (about 6km) with "way course of meal" (about 8km) and walked this year.
We prepare for finishing walking dekiruyonishimarochammo well, and, in Nisimae Elementary School of start point, everybody does gymnastics.
Meet everybody who made a goal with smile in Rinko Park (Seaside Park), with "thank you oshirukodeattamattene ♪" muttered with mind.

Even if can see in this way, stretch out arm; is exercising!

We had you participate toward a lot of any people regardless of age or sex!

Walking while we look at the sea is particular

We make a goal lively!

It is Io, nishimarochan, Cosmo from the left

It enlivened "citizen of the 42nd Nishi Ward Festival" on Sunday, November 5, 2017

Eating and drinking booth, mini-SL experience-based ride, spot sale of local vegetables were held by various contents for stage announcement under the blue sky.
Guest rushed to "child ascidian boya of the sea" in particular from Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi and heaped up stage together this year♪
nishimarochannitottemo special day when citizen of Nishi Ward Festival can come in contact with full daily inhabitants of a ward. We will look forward to visit of many people next year.

Everybody, "child ascidian boya of the sea" and dance of preschooler in ward♪

Trampoline of "child ascidian boya of the sea" is quite popular, too

Mini-SL running with coal carries smile

In "nishimarochan" in turnout of eating and drinking booth

Contact with person who had arrive is the best; is a pleasure♪

We participated in "autumn national Traffic Safety Campaign Nishi Ward campaign" in Grand Mall Park on Thursday, September 21, 2017

Autumn when sunset becomes early. We rushed to nishimarochammo campaign to call for accident prevention during dusk and bicycling during night walk.
Student of Takajo renisanya, Yokohama of Momoiro Clover Z who acted as the Tobe chief constable City Karuizawa junior high school brass band club heaped up campaign still more and was able to appeal to many people who gathered in park for road safety all day long.

It is opening ceremony at back in the Landmark Tower

We appeal to children for road safety

Student of Yokohama City Karuizawa junior high school brass band club heaped up by Momoclo medleys

We participated in "Minato Mirai University Bon festival dance" in Rinko Park (Seaside Park) on Saturday, August 19, 2017

Around 3:00 p.m. when weather was worried by forecast, but deleted whether nishimarochangao is is blue sky. Perfect sprinkled water is ideal day.
We got spirit from children who came to minus number kesonanishimarochandeshitaga, venue for heat and sprinkled with an effort.
Smile of many people dancing backed by night view at night. Saying is saying "mascot character of Nishi Ward was all right"; is omoi unishimarochandeshita heartily.

CATY (Yokohama city air terminal company) tonishimarochan

Contact with children who arrived

It is Bon festival dance backed by night view of Minato Mirai

We participated in "food poisoning preventive campaign" in new city plaza (open space in front of Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) Yokohama clock) on Thursday, August 3, 2017

May say the whole summer vacation, people, person, people much in around venue. To hear performance of food poisoning preventive panel and Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band, many people dropped in.
We challenge food poisoning prevention quiz with glutton nonishimarochammo visitors.
Of "summer and in winter which in there being much outbreak of Q. food poisoning", in problem, in "that, "winter knows, there is much food poisoning" in the summer" confidentness nonishimarochandeshitaga; astonishment! He/she seems to have studied very much saying it "is important to keep the prevention of food poisoning in mind through one year".

Firefighting musical band and food poisoning prevention panel

Check of food poisoning prevention quiz

Left karanishimarochan, hail, CATY
Left karanishimarochan, hail (Kiyoken), CATY (Yokohama city air terminal company)

We participated in "the 88th Intercity Baseball Tournament meet" in Tokyo Dome on July 17, 2017 (celebration, month)

Meeting that business group baseball team to represent each city of Japan competes for. Secondary to last year, Mitsubishi Hitachi power systems to establish the head office in Nishi Ward as representative of Yokohama-shi participated in the main match.
In the opening ceremony by Kashiwazaki Deputy Mayor of first match in mound of nantonishimarochammo Tokyo Dome. We felt heat of the hall to be all petals.
Result was the semifinals (shipping business to Japan) defeat regrettably, but, a feeling of throb and hot support, contact with everybody that rose in mound, memories in one summer increased again.

Kashiwazaki deputy mayor tonishimarochan
Kashiwazaki deputy mayor and mound debut

We support with cheering party
On music of cheering party

Samurai Japan formula character - tamabeetonishimarochan
Official character of samurai Japan
With "support samurai tamabe e"

We participated in "Fujidana Festival of the 20th anniversary" on Sunday, June 25, 2017

It was annual "Fujidana festival", but gangs were different this year. Special age that Fujidana community care plaza, district center reaches the 20th anniversary this year.
Person of 3,300 arrived, and event thing including stage announcement including refreshment stand by cooperation of local company, performance of firefighting musical band and performance of Iwai original junior high school brass band club swelled very much, too.
With feeling of nishimarochammoo celebration, we tried help of lottery hard.

Live performance of firefighting musical band
As for the live performance of firefighting musical band
We heap up the 20th anniversary

We help with great lottery
Great lottery quite popular every year

We help with great lottery
The first appearance on that day! Fujidana community care plaza
With "fujidanya"

We participated in "Yokohama City Special" on Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nissan Stadium where game with Yokohama F. Marinos vs. Kawasaki Frontale was carried out in the place.
We receive baton from edakingyo (edakin mall/Tsuzuki Ward  ) with it is relay that we get spirit from many children and challenged and tie 10 meters to gekiso, Isoppi (Isogo Ward)!…But, if team is last among participation 3 teams; for result of regrets.
Many children waited here when we left vexation on chest. Vexation and fatigue of relay vanish for "cute!" no voice, too, delighted nonishimarochandeshita.

nishimarochanto child 1

We receive edakingyokara baton

We tie baton to Isoppi

Participation character meeting

We play with children

We participated in "the third district contact spring festival" on Sunday, May 21, 2017

This festival that began for "the making of with a view of face of relationships." Many people visited Inaridai Elementary School of venue and deepened interchange in spite of being pleasure including health check by member of refreshment stand, bazaar, health practice promotion.
Lottery featured every year. We had you cooperate from mall in particular, and many premiums were had and swelled still more this year.

We receive visitors

Do you enter quoits, the left side of the stage at ground?

Many people received healthy check in gymnasium

We participated in "spring national Traffic Safety Campaign Nishi Ward campaign" in new city plaza (open space in front of Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) Yokohama clock) on April 6, 2017

As for "the spring national Traffic Safety Campaign" of this year, "prevention of traffic accident of child and elderly person" is theme.
Many people gathered at event that opened in performance by all of Oimatsu Junior High School brass band club and stopped foot for experience corner and panel display of driving, walking ability diagnosis.
We appealed for prevention of traffic accident while distributing nishimarochammo enlightenment article in season with many elementary school student, children who reached new entrance to school.

State of experience-based corner

Group photo

We hand enlightenment article

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