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Activity record of 2013

Last update date January 22, 2019

nishimarochanno activity record

March 27, 2014 Kanagawa sightseeing taxi introduction is commemorative

We participated in mascot stage event before ceremony.

State of event

State of event

December 25, 2013 Christmas concert

We did maid to distribute present to in Christmas concert of local action home gut, the bito west. Everybody swelled.

State of Christmas concert

State of Christmas concert

The district welfare Festa third on October 5, 2013

Performance of the sum drum was powerful and was powerful. We want to participate again by all means.

Photograph of state of the third district welfare Festa

September 29, 2013 37th Isogo festival

Many people came to events such as parade or stage which revived after an interval of 11 years to play.

State of Isogo festival

May 26, 2013 Fujidana festival

We helped with event. If everybody who came to venue to play has you enjoy, nishimaromo is nice.

Photograph of event

Photograph of event

The June 8, 2013 Yokohama opening of a port festival 2013

We appeared on Yokohama mascot meeting event. Blessed with weather, it was comfortable day.

Photograph of state of the opening of a port festival

April 29, 2013 kana character flock! 2013 Atsugi-shi

We took a ceremonial photograph with everybody who came to event to play. Venue was prosperous very much.



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