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Activity record of 2012

Last update date January 22, 2019

nishimarochanno activity record

January 7, 2013 Nishi Ward New Year's parade of fire brigades Yokohama Hiranuma High School

We had contact experience corner to be able to enjoy together in ceremony, performance other than help performance. By drainage performance that child commanded, beautiful rainbow was seen.

State of the New Year parade of fire brigades

State of the New Year parade of fire brigades

Sprinkled water masterpiece war 2012 Yokohama-sta. equal to July 31, 2012

We sprinkled with all of around Yokohama Station companies, everybody of JR Yokohama Station, the fifth district environment business promotion committee members, Hama road supporters, children of "Minato Mirai nursery school".

State of sprinkled water of East Exit

State of East Exit

July 25, 2012 Minato Mirai sprinkled water masterpiece war Sakuragicho-sta.

We sprinkled with children of all of companies around Sakuragicho Station, everybody of JR Sakuragicho Station, "nijiiro nursery school".

Participant standing in line

Sprinkled water start

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