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Activity record of 2016

Last update date August 18, 2020

nishimarochanno activity record

It is nishimarochan "appearance in March 25, 2017 "Kanagawa smile Festa" for ゛ third generation♪

In "Kanagawa smile Festa" in Nissan global head office gallery of Yokohama Station East Exit, it is the nishimarochanga first to go out movement for the third generation! 13 mascots in the prefecture assembled in full force in venue and were large bustle in children or families during spring vacation.
"Look for ゛ nishimarochannoburari senryu! "Began on today ♪ Many friends seemed to go to look for senryu which made nishimarochanno. As wonderful premium may hit, we want you to try all hard ♪ "

It "is all the time today" "will try long distance between places hard"

yurukyara flock!

Find 7 tsunonishimaro senryus

We begin to sell "nishimarochan Bakery" in "Komachi forum" on February 18, 2017!

Two kinds of "nishimarochan bread" with mascot character "nishimarochan" of Nishi Ward as motif is sold newly by NPO corporation "N crap"! 50-limited bread was sold out and was delighted on that day.
In response to this favorable reception, will be sold in the Nishi Ward Office inhabitant of a ward hall on principle every Monday. Please taste "nishimarochan bread" which everybody has a cute♪
※With "custard cream, corner limit apple" and two kinds of "chocolate cream orange peel", it is one 200 yen (tax-included).

Sales are quite well!

We are selling two kinds of bread

nishimarochanno expression color color♪

We participated in "Nishi Ward candle art 2016" on December 18, 2016

Candle which motif candle of mascot character "nishimarochan" of Nishi Ward and character "hikonyan" of Hikone-shi, Shiga and message of primary schoolchildren were written turned on fantastic beautiful light of open space before Yokohama-bijutsukan. We heaped up winter venue, and hikonyanto was able to warm up♪

Fantastic light of candle art

hikonyanto bathes in flash of camera together

We walk by "walking Festival of the tenth Nishi Ward Hama" on December 4, 2016♪

Memorialize the tenth this year, "revival! Walking that featured the theme of ... from port Yokohama - Nishi Ward to place of opening of a port. We had you enjoy 2 courses that arranged past course that there was many of request including "three towers, large san bridge course" by way of Kanagawa prefectural government office shop University bridges.
Limit nishimarochammo size-clad in oshiruko having been waiting in goal venue! In comfortable Indian summer, we seem to have had everybody enjoy walking.

We prepare before start and do gymnastics

We walk gingko nut row of trees

We can overlook Nishi Ward from large san bridge

We participated in "autumn fire prevention campaign "daily fire chief" fire prevention campaign" in Yokohama Station center passage on November 9, 2016

On the first day of autumn fire prevention campaign in the whole country, performance of firefighting musical band and fire prevention campaign including enlightenment by "day fire chief" (Kiyoken executive managing director) was held in Yokohama Station center passage.
For season when fire was easy to occur, we called for nishimarochammo fire prevention with Hama of hail of Kiyoken, Fire Bureau.

We publicize fire prevention in Yokohama Station center passage

Group photo

It enlivened "citizen of the 41st Nishi Ward Festival" on November 6, 2016

Citizen of Nishi Ward Festival which had you arrive toward the lot this year in autumn under the sky.
We strolled in nishimarochanha venue and were enchanted by "nishimaro clip" which all of local work places made and we were invited to appetizing flavor of eating and drinking booth and dropped in and fully enjoyed festival.
In addition, on stage, we show "ebikanikusu" with "hikonyan" where he/she rushed to from Hikone-shi for children of nursery school in ward and this day! It was watched by many visitors and stepped on step hard.

Is slightly being tense a little at opening ceremony; nonishimarochan

All of work places is product ttekuretanishimarochan clip

Everybody, hikonyanto of preschooler together "ebikanikusu!"

We participated in "Minato Mirai autumn festival" in Takashima Chuo Koen on October 29, 2016

Autumn annual event that inhabitants of Minato Mirai 21 district plays a key role and plans is the seventh year in this year. It was stage performance of Yokohama F marinosutorikororumameizu and mikoshi parade, the large prosperity including apartment opposition tug of war meet.
In tug of war meet, heat begins nishimarochanno support to everybody pulling rope as hard as possible.

Local character meeting

Everybody and high five of visitors

We support apartment opposition tug of war

We participated in "beji & walk" in Nogeyama Zoo on October 3, 2016

Theme of event "will become healthy although being a pleasure!" . Weather was unfortunate rain, but had many people challenge stamp rally and quiz. After having walked with an effort; is breath by sampling of plenty of vegetables helmet sea recipe relievedly.
We greeted vigorous everybody at entrance of garden arranged by nishimarochammo Halloween specifications.

We wait for visitors in open space where the decoration of Halloween was done

Contact with visitors

We participated in "autumn national Traffic Safety Campaign Nishi Ward campaign" in new city plaza (open space in front of Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) Yokohama clock) on September 21, 2016

As for "the autumn national Traffic Safety Campaign" of this year, "prevention of traffic accidents in bicycle passenger use during dusk and night walk" is one of emphasis item.
We called about wearing of nishimarochammo reflector and lighting of bicycle headlight to keep security of everybody.

Group photo

Rethe Kanagawa Police mascot; lipo; properly together

We publicize enlightenment article for security of everybody

We participated in "Nishi fire department first aid fair" in new city plaza (open space in front of Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) Yokohama clock) on September 9, 2016

Booth which sent information that it comprised in emergencies such as injury or disease including spread enlightenment of the handling of AED and healthy panel exhibition in venue was established a lot and had you drop in at various places where there was many.
For health of "ichi, ni, sun, shush ♪" nishimarochammo everybody, we sweated for the spread of Nishi Ward original "korobanyo exercises".

We pose in emergency fair venue in 2016

We dance visitors tokorobanyo exercises

We participated in "sprinkled water masterpiece war @ Minato Mirai University Bon festival dance to proclaim" on August 13, 2016

It was the date of "Minato Mirai University Bon festival dance", and many people challenged sprinkled water on that day.
After this, for Bon festival dance with full of heat to begin, we cooperated together and carried cool wind to Minato Mirai.

It is nonishimarochan, kyati, cup of instant noodle with ladle completely

We sprinkle with visitors

We participated in "firefighting contact Festa" in Nishi fire department on August 7, 2016

Plan felt fire department including "daily fire chief" "ladder car boarding" "Earthquake Zone" close is fully loaded with area interchange plan "firefighting contact Festa" of Nishi fire department.
We went for support with the staff of nishimarochammo Nishi Ward Office.
We received request of photography from many children, and it was on day to feel love from everybody.

We pose in front of signboard

Yokohama-shi firefighting character winds up

Fire engine is surrounded to back by children

We participated in "food poisoning preventive campaign" in new city plaza (open space in front of Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) Yokohama clock) on August 4, 2016

It is maid of aim shitenishimarochammo "food poisoning preventive true-false quiz" in food poisoning zero.
We might say the whole summer vacation, and many children learned about the food poisoning prevention happily together, too.

We help with true-false quiz

nonishimarochan quite popular among children

We participated in "sprinkled water masterpiece war [email protected] Yokohama Station to proclaim" on July 27, 2016

Despite cloudy sky, the surface of the earth temperature of Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi of the day is 38 degrees Celsius. With nanishimarochammo weak in heat, all of offices around Yokohama Station and children of Minato Mirai, Yokohama nursery school, we sprinkled hard.
There was worth of effort, and the surface of the earth temperature fell 33 degrees Celsius and what 5 degrees Celsius.

We sprinkle with all of neighborhood offices

We sprinkle with preschooler

We participated in "the 87th Intercity Baseball Tournament meet" in Tokyo Dome on July 21, 2016

This meeting that business group baseball team to represent each city of Japan competes for. Mitsubishi Hitachi power systems Yokohama that established the head office in Nishi Ward as representative from Yokohama-shi participated, so rushed to nishimarochammo support this year.
Unfortunately result has lost in the second round (anti-NTT East Japan), but, with all of cheering parties, is hot; was able to support.

It is support surunishimarochansono 1 on the dais by team

It is support surunishimarochansono 2 on the dais by team

June 11, 2016 "YOKOHAMA CitySpecial - mascot flock! We participated in ...

In Nissan Stadium where game with 2016 Meiji Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Co. J1 league 1st stage Section 15 Yokohama F. Marinos vs. Kawasaki Frontale was carried out for, Yokohama opening of a port memory event "YOKOHAMA City Special" was held.
We participated in nishimarochammo mascot race and fought hard with the second place out of 3 teams.
"Nishi Ward original town walk application NISHIMARO DIARY" which we told about in venue is during great admiration delivery!

It is pose out of nishimarochan venue

nishimarochanto Io

Alien from takatan, spatula, nishimarochan

Mascot relay

Character group photo

We participated in "Fujidana Festival" on June 5, 2016

Festival in annual Fujidana district center . We were enchanted by delicious food displayed at stage announcement and refreshment stand by all of regional societies and throbbed in fun lottery and spent a fun time.

State 1 of 2016 Fujidana festival

State 2 of 2016 Fujidana festival

We participated in "the third district contact spring festival" on May 15, 2016

Under the theme of "the making of with a view of face of relationships", branch, flea market of stage announcement and refreshment stand were performed, and Inaridai Elementary School was full of a large number of people.
We touched local everybody and were nishimarochammogo mood♪

Brass band tonishimarochan

Child domotachitonishimarochan

We participated in "Minato Mirai 21 cherry tree Festa 2016" on April 2, 2016

We parade in bottom of cherry blossoms in full bloom and support Nishi Ward Office by tug of war championship!

We parade

State of tug of war championship

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