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Activity record of 2015

Last update date January 22, 2019

nishimarochanno activity record

December 20, 2015 Nishi Ward candle art 2015

In Grand Mall Park, MARK IS Minato Mirai, Nishi Ward candle art was held.
Lighting of candle which children made and stage event, "hikonyan" rushed again from Hikone-shi.

Candle art


hikonyan banana latte & nishimarochan pancake

Walking Festival of December 6, 2015 Nishi Ward Hama

We started from Tobe Koen of Sunday and walked two courses together until goal of Rinko Park (Seaside Park).
We exchanged yell with everybody in nishimarochanha, start and goal.

We walk together

We meet in goal

Citizen of November 1, 2015 40th Nishi Ward Festival

Citizen of Nishi Ward Festival this year of the 40th anniversary!
It was full of a large number of inhabitants of a ward, and performance on stage added bloom to festival.
With characters of nishimarochammo et al., we danced on the stage.

Inhabitant of a ward Festival doing well

We stood on nishimarochammo stage

October 5, 2015 "it is meal and exercise health promotion" event

As for the sampling that many children are stamp rallies at event in Nogeyama Zoo, and is delicious in goal visiting the gardens!
We touched nishimarochammo children and were happy day.

We play with children

Goal of stamp rally

We participate in "Minato Mirai autumn festival" on October 4, 2015

We participated in "Minato Mirai autumn festival" in Takashima Chuo Koen under the clear autumn sky.
Mikoshi enlivened festival with nishimarochammo marinosuke and Cosmo and others by pleasant festival to be given, too.

Minato Mirai autumn festival mikoshi wasshoi

We consider to be all

August 15, 2015 "Minato Mirai University Bon festival dance"

By "Minato Mirai University Bon festival dance" in Rinko Park (Seaside Park), we sprinkled with everybody who came to play.
In addition, Minami Minegishi and others of AKB48 rushed to Bon festival dance from the evening, too and danced with nishimarochammo paste paste.

We do H27 Minato Mirai University Bon festival dance sprinkled water

We do H27 Minato Mirai University Bon festival dance Bon festival dance

July 28, 2015 "sprinkled water masterpiece war 2015 to proclaim"

We participated in "nishiku sprinkled water masterpiece war 2015" in Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi, East Exit and sprinkled in nishimarochanha West Exit.
-8 degrees Celsius temperature fell in an average of -4.65 degrees Celsius, East Exit in West Exit, and, in sprinkled water, effect of sprinkled water appeared outstandingly.

With H27 sprinkled water masterpiece war Hama

H27 sprinkled water masterpiece war

April 4, 2015 "Minato Mirai 21 cherry tree Festa 2015"

We parade in bottom of cherry blossoms in full bloom and support Nishi Ward Office by tug of war championship! We were able to raise one win.

Cherry tree parade

Tug of war championship

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