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Let's participate in "Nishi Ward photo mosaic art" of the 70th anniversary of the Nishi Ward system!

Last update date January 21, 2019

Offer of image was finished. Thank you for your much application!

In commemoration of the Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary which we reached in this April, we carry out "photo mosaic art" to put photograph posted by everybody together, and to make one piece of big picture. We apply in your favorite photograph appropriate for application theme, and let's enjoy memory of the 70th anniversary of the Nishi Ward system together!

1.Photograph of application

  • Application theme of photograph is "charm of Nishi Ward which we want to convey now for the future".
  • Please apply at a person doing the best in ward or smile, scenery or event in Nishi Ward.
  • If it is photograph in Nishi Ward, application of except citizen of Nishi Ward is possible, too.
  • Not only photograph photographed within application period, photograph of old Nishi Ward can apply, too!

Image of photomosaic application image

2.Application period

From Tuesday, July 1, 2014 to Friday, August 29
※The number of application schedules 7,000 pieces - 10,000 pieces.
※Let close early by the application situation; may hold.

3.Work exhibition of photomosaic art

  • We show finished photomosaic art by inhabitant of a ward festival to be carried out on Sunday, November 2.
  • All of fine art club of Yokohama Hiranuma Koukou produces the original picture of photomosaic art! What kind of work is completed; in fun.
  • In addition, you can see work in WEB.

Work WEB exhibition period

From November 2, 2014 to November 30 (plan).

Work FTP site URL (during preparations)

4.Application method ※Offer of image was finished.

When we apply from E-mail (PC smartphone, cell-phone)

Photomosaic procedure

  • One piece of photograph (less than 3MB) which you can post again and again, but can apply for each time. ※We cannot send 3MB or more images.
  • After the photograph contribution, transmission completion email is sent. When you set reception of email for junk email prevention, please set so that @ receives.
  • ID arrives with transmission completion email. As you can search own contribution image and message at the time of work WEB exhibition in ID, please keep carefully.
  • Decorated letter is not usable in message. In addition, please note that signs may be garbled.
  • "Nishi Ward photo mosaic art" assumes the following OS's, browsers recommended environment. ※When recommended environment does not have, contribution form may not start.

Recommended environment
<browser> More than IE8 more than Firefox 12 more than Safari 5.1 more than Chrome 18
<required application> More than FlashPlayer 11.3
<smartphone> Android: More than OS 4.0, it is iOS: 6 or more
Mobile phone docomo: More than i-mode browser 2.0, it is au: More than UP.Browser6.2, it is Softbank: More than browser 3GC2

Application button from PC smartphone ※Offer of image was finished.

When we mail or bring and apply

  • After filling out application paper, please apply with photograph to the following reference.
  • We do not return photograph which we had. When you have you apply, please apply by data such as CD-ROM if possible.
  • When we have you apply by mail or bringing, we are not given ID for image at the time of WEB exhibition of work and message search. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

5. Precaution that we deal with photograph application

  • In making of photomosaic art, we trim photograph in square. Please note that a certain all elements may not be published in photograph.
  • When you plurally come out, please stop at the center. Either may not be published when we appear in edge.
  • The upper body, lower part of the body or whole body does not publish about naked photograph or may become publication only for face part.
  • We may not publish costume, poster, monument, clothes including sewing, photograph of character thing including accessory (mascot character "nishimarochan" of Nishi Ward is excluded.). Please be careful.
  • About person appearing in image, we shall get consent from all people coming out to application.
  • Person, scenery, object does not matter to contents of image. Other than the photograph, we can post by illustration or letter which we imaged.
  • When it is not done use (publication), in that had you apply from PC smartphone, cell-phone, contribution ID is given image of mention in the notice matter mentioned above. But we are not displayed to screen even if we search on completion image exhibition PC site. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.
  • We cannot answer inquiry about publication of posted image at all.


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