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Catch phrase decision to enliven the Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary!

Last update date January 21, 2019

We decided catch phrase which enlivened the Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary.

After raising catch phrases which enlivened the Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary from July through August in 2013, there was 86 application in total. As a result of having had the fittest thing vote for visitors in the inhabitant of a ward festival in November, 2013 from 7 works elected by primary selection in executive committee, "from miraihetsunago Nishi Ward" was elected by catch phrase.

About offer of catch phrase

We had 1,098 people in total vote.
(state of vote by inhabitant of a ward Festival)

We publicize the constituency system 70th anniversary by catch phrase!

We made upbound flag which we put catch phrase in to publicize the 70th anniversary widely in executive committee. We had you use in "business of the 70th anniversary" and used upbound flag at events that executive committee and ward hosted.

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