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We updated photoreport of the 70th anniversary of nishimarochan

Last update date January 17, 2019

We reach the Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary on April 1, this year, and, in Nishi Ward, various commemorative projects, events are carried out.
From business that had you apply for "business of the 70th anniversary of the Nishi Ward system" from all of you, we look back in main business nitsuitenishimarochanga photograph.



The fourth district "festival (March 7) of all"

We aimed at becoming "area livable brightly", and the thirteenth and "festival of all" that it was that the fourth district Council of Social Welfare hosted were held in Ippommatsu elementary school. Various groups moving into action in the fourth district collaborate, such as handmade crafts, delicious food, sweets open a shop. It is festival that can know area from panel display, experience-based corner, stage and adult including child care open space to child happily.

Festival mall of all
State of festival mall of all

State of experience-based corner
State of work experience corner

Child care open space
State of child care salon, parent and child open space

♡ Yokohama West Exit heart festival (from 7 to 28 on February) to be in love

Pleasant event "♡ Yokohama West Exit heart festival to be in love" that featured the theme of Valentine was held (sponsorship: Yokohama West Exit spirit project executive committee). On February 7 and 8, huge snow dome which people put was installed before Yokohama biblurring, and heart market was held. In addition, on Valentine's Day of February 14, music and dance, stage event including talk show were held and were full of many people.

Image of huge snow dome
Huge snow dome

Heart market
State of heart market

Heart market
State of heart market

Dream seaweed workshop (January 31)

In Rinko Park (Seaside Park), environmental workshop which we purified of sea area was held through upbringing of seaweed (sponsorship: NPO corporation seaside structure society). Stud had a big seaweed which we played, and participants grew up and was able to harvest 818 kilos at the end of November, too. Miso soup of seaweed was served, too.

State of stud of seaweed
We install seaweed which did stud (November)

Harvest of seaweed
We seem to harvest seaweed

Harvest of seaweed
Seaweed which we harvested

Walking Festival of the eighth Nishi Ward Hama (December 7)

For theme "taking a lesson from the past" of the 70th anniversary of the Nishi Ward system, there were two courses (three elements story course about 9km, Hodogaya way course about 5km) that walked old way (former Tokaido, Yokohama way, Hodogaya way) of Nishi Ward. About 800 people enjoyed walking.

Image of state of start venue
State of start venue

We seem to walk former Tokaido
We walk former Tokaido

Image of state of goal venue
State of goal venue

Nogeyama Zoo Christmas tree lighting type (November 21)

The ceremony of lighting of 3 garden Christmas tree to perform at the same time was performed with Kanazawa Zoo, ZOORASIA. There is present of song by all of elementary school student of Tobe Elementary School, too, and is warm; lighting-type.

It is before tree lighting
State before lighting

Children who tree turns on, and are pleased
Tree turns on

Nogeyama Zoo Christmas tree
Christmas tree

The 31st starlight Yokohama illuminations (period from November 13 to February 14)

In addition to illuminations to roadside tree around the Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi, illuminations tower revised for Christmas music illuminations in front of Yokohama Takashimaya from December 1 to 25th. In addition, in front of Yokohama bay the second floor of Sheraton Hotel entrance, "the first heart full tree contest" was held, and nursery school and primary, junior high and high schools, technical school in Nishi Ward participated.

Illuminations in front of Yokohama Takashimaya Illuminations tower in front of Yokohama Takashimaya

Image of heart full tree contest
Heart full tree contest

Nishi Ward now, old days exhibition of the 70th anniversary of the Chuo-toshokan plan display Nishi Ward system (period from 2 to 30 on November)

Plan exhibition that displayed about 200 points of materials about Nishi Ward which we possessed in ukiyoe print and picture postcard, Chuo-toshokan including book was held while looking back toward Ayumi of Nishi Ward on chronological table and map. Valuable material put in library was usually released in particular.

Ayumi of Nishi Ward
We display Ayumi of Nishi Ward in chronological table

Memory magazine of school
Anniversary booklet of school

State of plan display
Mount of stamp rally of the 70th anniversary arranges, too

Ceremony (November 2) of the 70th anniversary of the Nishi Ward system

We celebrated the Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary with about 400 attendants. Following ceremony of Part 1, commemorative event of Part 2 started by ensemble, chorus full of spirit by all of elementary school student of Nisimae Elementary School and, after introduction of commemorative project, swelled very much in powerful performance of drum performance group "hand drum sum (core) -core" finally.

State of commemorative ceremony
We celebrated with all of you

State of chorus, ensemble
Cheerful singing voice of children sounded

State of performance of "hand drum sum (core) core"
Venue swelled in professional performance

Citizen of the 39th Nishi Ward Festival (November 2)

In "open space of living" that is venue of citizen of Nishi Ward Festival, executive committee exhibits booth, commemorative booklet "love Nishi Ward! Distribution, stamp rally of taking a lesson from the past ... of attractive rediscovery - Nishi Ward "explore Nishi Ward! We put stamp of collecting nishimarochanno stamps and distributed mount. In addition, we carried out quiz utilizing panel which we used in display and cherry tree Festa of panel to introduce commemorative project to.
In addition, featured delicious thing; "will have Hama, and pass, and let's go! We distributed vol.3. Tanabe-ya authorized by "delicious thing of Nishi Ward", bread studio cha-cha, three stores of ju々kikakakoho opened a store.

State of stamp setting place State of executive committee booth

State of approach introduction panel
Display of approach introduction panel

Branch of "delicious thing" authorization store
"Delicious thing of Nishi Ward" authorization store opens a store

Nishi Ward school festival "entertainment festival" - Nishi Ward child meeting (joint holding) (October 19)

Members of Nishi Ward lyceum participation announced result of everyday cultural activities. We celebrated the constituency system 70th anniversary and held jointly with Nishi Ward child society and became gorgeous stage.

Image of long song "maiko"
Long song "maiko"

State of entertainment festival Nishi Ward leading
We dance "Nishi Ward leading" together both children and adults

Real treasure hunt Yokohama West Exit detective story (period from October 11 to November 3)

For the purpose of rediscovering activation of Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi area and sightseeing PR, charm of new town, experience-based rally event to find out "treasure chest" which was actually hidden in Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi area was held. During period, it did well between families and friends who looked for treasure to one hand on map of treasure.

State of treasure hunt
We are looking for treasure chest

Discovery report of treasure
State of discovery report place

Treasure chest
The Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary was publicized in treasure chest

tvk housing plaza Yokohama event (period from October 11 to October 13) of the 40th anniversary

tvk housing plaza Yokohama started in model house of 14 eight companies on July 27, 1974 (Showa 49) and reached the 40th anniversary this year. On 12nd, parade of Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band was carried out and was full of many people.

Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band
Parade of Yokohama-shi firefighting musical band

Upbound flag
We cooperate with PR of the 70th anniversary of the constituency system

The fifth Minato Mirai autumn festival (October 4)

We held Minato Mirai autumn festival that local company became the fifth by collaboration with inhabitants of Minato Mirai district in Takashima Chuo Koen. We participated as nishimarochammo hometown character.

Minato Mirai autumn festival character appearance
Character appears, too

Minato Mirai autumn festival stage event
State of stage event

Minato Mirai autumn festival mikoshi
Mikoshi passage of a portable shrine CHIYODA

Meeting (August 23) which hears sound of the 50th Nishi Ward insect

Meeting (※) which heard sound of Nishi Ward insect which became the 50th in this year was held in Kamonyama Park grandly (sponsorship: hometown Nishi Ward promotion committee). Weather was worried about, but tree "mokusei" of Nishi Ward was given tree "Tachibana" of Hikone-shi from the Okubo Mayor of Hikone each by Okubonishi Director General on that day so that we memorialized 50 times of fair, Mt. Kamon 100th anniversary, Nishi Ward system 70th anniversary to hear Okubo Mayor Hikone, hikonyan, sound of insect which lot visited including Hikone Lions Club from Hikone-shi, and Hikone-shi and friendly relationship of Nishi Ward would continue for a long time in future including embu by Hikone gun corps. In addition, many people visited refreshment stand of open space of child, and it was happy summer night.
※Kamonyama Park is donated from descendant of ii*butochokuhitsuko which contributed to the Yokohama opening of a port to Yokohama-shi and is park which we maintained. They remember chokuhitsuko, and "meeting hearing sound of Nishi Ward insect" is started in 1965 as summer feature, and Hikone-shi and Nishi Ward interchange than before.

Image of embu by Hikone gun corps
embu by Hikone gun corps

State of list exchange
List exchange Okubonishi Director General and Okubo Mayor Hikone

Stamp of the 70th anniversary of hikonyannuigurumi, the Nishi Ward system was given each.

Performance of koto, shakuhachi
State of performance of koto, shakuhachi

State of refreshment stand
State of open space refreshment stand of child

Gun corps, hikonyantono taking a ceremonial photograph
Hikone gun corps, hikonyantono taking a ceremonial photograph

Summer cheerful from Yokohama West Exit dispatch Yokohama West Exit summer festival (August 9)

Yokohama West Exit first "Yokohama West Exit summer festival" was held around Yokohama biblurring (sponsorship: Yokohama West Exit spirit project executive committee). Booth opened a store, and stage event and local shop were full of many people. "Whale shop of * opened a store "Kiyoken" "Imai kamaboko" "ju々kikakakoho" "Tomizo Inoue store" chosen by "delicious thing of Nishi Ward", too".

State of character event
State of stage character event

We measure up
Soutetsu Line character "so mew"
Costarring first in this

West Exit spirit booth
State of West Exit spirit booth

Sprinkled water masterpiece war 2014 Nishi Ward Office (August 5) to proclaim in this

In front of Nishi Ward Office, we sprinkled the second district with children of house ino all of you and sugikorekoyoyayaen in commemoration of the constituency system 70th anniversary.

State of sprinkled water in front of Nishi Ward Office
The surface of the earth temperature fell 10 degrees after the sprinkled water

Children after sprinkled water
nishimarochanoaoidekureru children

Nogeyama Zoo reptiles building preview (August 1)

Ahead of reopening of reptiles building of Nogeyama Zoo of Saturday, August 2, we had you invite citizens of Nishi Ward to preview in commemoration of the constituency system 70th anniversary. We enjoyed reptiles building which a lot of people who participated with small child became well acquainted with while hearing story of member of breeding.

State of reptiles building preview
We can see swimming badagurugame

State of reptiles building preview 
Children to see yosukouwani

Former Tokaido in a traveling kit parade (June 8)

"The making of former Tokaido charm executive committee" to constitute in local everybodies planned to publicize charm of former Tokaido which was one of the local resources of Nishi Ward. Roadside was full of many people.

State of Tokaido parade
Children and Yokohama sightseeing goodwill ambassador of in a traveling kit

State of Tokaido parade
Two-pole banner of the 70th anniversary

nishimarochanno illustration

Nogeyama Zoo plan exhibition "SOS exhibition of animals" (from 1 to 30 on June)

By cooperation of Nogeyama Zoo, we put together for environment month of June and, in commemoration of the 70th anniversary, utilized the first floor of the ward office inhabitant of a ward hall and held "SOS exhibition of animals". Small child performed display such as egg, bone, feather as "thing left behind ... of animals" to be able to enjoy. In addition, we displayed "Yokohama killifish" with water tank for a limited time.
Second graders of children and Tobe Elementary School of Minamisengen Nursery center came for visit and had you learn about there being oneself to protect the extinction animal and environment happily.

Children observing Yokohama killifish
We observe Yokohama killifish

State of children in response to quiz
We knew answer to animal quiz!

State of children listening to explanation
Children listening to story of the ward staff

State of primary schoolchildren observing Yokohama killifish
We settle that we learned by panel exhibition

State of primary schoolchildren learning about Amur tiger
We learn about forest of hometown of Amur tiger

"Yokohama F. Marinos VS Sagan Tosu" war (May 10)

As Yokohama City Special, Mayor Okubo encouraged player with Kashiwazaki deputy mayor, Yokohama-shi mall total alliance society Chairperson Okano. In addition, children of Nishi Ward participated as escort kids (※ 1), fair play Flag bearer (※ 2) as memory of the 70th anniversary of the constituency system.

Photograph of escort kids
Children who acted as players and escort kids

Photograph of fair play Flag bearer
Children who acted as fair play Flag bearer

Photograph of large vision
PR of the 70th anniversary of the constituency system
Large vision which was projected

(※ 1) pitchihe enters with player of F. Marinos by home game together hand in hand.
(※ 2) lead player with fair play Flag by home game, and enter pitch.

The second child shotengai (May 11)

"The second child shotengai" (the sponsorship wisteria trellis first Avenue, Yokohama Shinkin Bank Fujidana branch) was performed in the wisteria trellis first Avenue. Fun plans such as performance and fashion show, live, dance by all of you of professional wrestling group "FREEDOMS", empty-handed dance, flea market were varied, and it was at event that was more lively than last year "meeting of Nishi Ward name, tatsu".

State of child shotengai

State of child shotengai

State of child shotengai

The third district contact spring festival (May 18)

We were started in last year, and this festival reached the second to push forward "the making of with a view of face of area of relationships". Many people visited Inaridai Elementary School of venue and they enjoyed refreshment stand, flea market game and deepened interchange.

State of contact spring festival

State of contact spring festival
State of refreshment stand

State of contact spring festival
State of lottery

Minato Mirai 21 cherry tree Festa 2014 (April 5)

Cherry tree parade, cherry tree stage, road safety campaign were carried out while cherry blossoms were in full glory. On cherry tree stage, authorized ceremony of "delicious thing, long-established store of Nishi Ward" was held, and certificate and sticker were handed each store. We appeared for road safety campaign as the chief constable as surprise guest on Momoiro Clover Z Takajo renisanga 1st of Nishi Ward native place.

Image of state of cherry tree parade
State of cherry tree parade

State of cherry tree parade
In parade, nishimarochammo comes up

State of investiture
Authorization-style state

Delicious thing certificate
"Delicious thing of Nishi Ward"

Well-established certificate
"Long-established store" sticker


Citizen of Bactrian camel "tsugaru" of Nogeyama Zoo Nishi Ward honoring receiving a prize (March 22)

We presented Letter of Appreciation to Bactrian camel "tsugaru" of world's oldest (estimated 38 years old) from Director General of Nishi saying, "we deepened attachment for area and greatly contributed to approach to lead to the making of bustle of town". We learned about Nogeyama Zoo in class of composite learning, and third graders of Tobe elementary school which made handmade guidebook participated on that day. We put stuffed toy of "tsugaru" in each window of Nishi Ward Office from March 25 and publicize the constituency system 70th anniversary.

State of the letter of thanks presentation
State of the letter of thanks presentation ceremony

Image of letter of thanks and tsugaru
Letter of thanks and tsugaru

All of Tobe Elementary School and image of souvenir picture
Everybody and souvenir picture of Tobe Elementary School

We seem to eat cake
We seem to eat cake made of vegetables of celebration

※tsugaru died for advanced age on May 23, 2014.

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