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Stamp rally "explore Nishi Ward! Holding of collecting nishimarochanno stamps

Last update date January 24, 2019

We installed stamp in seven facilities in ward and nine places of two event sites in total and, visiting the wards, carried out stamp rally which had you rediscover charm of Nishi Ward.
Thank you for your participation to many people.

Implementation period

From Sunday, November 2, 2014 to Friday, December 26, 2014

Stamp setting place

1.Yokohama Noh-theater
2.Nishi Ward Office
3.Fujidana district center
4.Nogeyama Zoo
5.The west public hall
6.The west sports center
7.All Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru, Yokohama and museum
8.Citizen of Nishi Ward Festival venue Sunday, November 2※
9.Walking Festival goal venue (Rinko Park (Seaside Park)) Sunday, December 7 of Nishi Ward Hama※
※Event stamp is installed only on the day of the event

The stamp setting situation of ward office
Nishi Ward Office

State of booth of citizen of Nishi Ward Festival
Citizen of Nishi Ward Festival venue

State to stamp with stamp
We seem to push stamp

Stamp mount

Distribution (8,760 copies of distribution in total) at distribution to all elementary school elementary school student in ward, stamp setting place

Stamp mount

Stamp sample

The participation situation

(1) Prize for participation
We present ukiyoe print tenuguitonishimarochan seal to all the people who collected stamps more than three with set (1,313 sets of distribution)

nishimarochan seal

The world design Japanese towel

(2) Prize for taking a lesson from the past
We present request for either prize of next A - F Prize to person who collected stamps more than seven by lot by lot (413 application)
With shipment of prize, we changed to result announcement.

Two sets of A prizes

Yokohama Landmark Tower logo
The 70th-floor "Sirius" lunch pair ticket offer: Yokohama Landmark Tower

Two sets of B prizes

Day of Yokohama Noh-theater Noh comedy
"Yokohama Noh comedy temple" pair ticket Yokohama Noh-theater

Five C prizes

tsugaru stuffed toy
Offer including "tsugaru" sewing: Nogeyama Zoo

Five D prizes

Yokohama F. Marinos signed ball
Yokohama F. Marinos signed ball (with player signature) offer: Yokohama F. Marinos ※Player is not available

Ten sets of E prizes

Original railroad model Museum
We present puzzle to pe a admission ticket & visitor and provide: Original railroad model Museum

50 F prizes

Fledgling glass cup
Fledgling glass cup offer: Cup of instant noodle museum

It is present from person who has come off in lottery of prize for taking a lesson from the past by lot
Prize for double chance lottery 30 nishimarochan mug cup
Lottery ten Yokohama Landmark Tower restaurant complimentary ticket


The "taking a lesson from the past" of the 70th anniversary of the Nishi Ward system charm up business executive committee secretariat

■Address 〒 220-0051 1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku Nishi Ward Office Ward Administration Promotion Division
■TEL 045-320-8339
■FAX 045-322-9847

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Telephone: 045-320-8327

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