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2020 Nishi Ward administration policy

Last update date May 15, 2020

About Nishi Ward administration policy

We devised "2020 Nishi Ward administration policy" that settled basic aim of Nishi Ward and approach for the achievement.

Basic aim

To town Nishi Ward that anyone can spend connection in smiling happiness carefully

Measure for accomplishment

The making of local connection

Through development of total summary of the third "Komachi plan (※)" and next plan, we push forward "community development by collaboration" working on thought, solution of problem with local all of you and continue local approach about the "making of place to stay" that "we carry and are handmade".
※Nickname of "the town of smiling happiness living plan" (Nishi Ward community-based welfare health planning)

Town development to be able to live in good health lively

From child to elderly person, anyone works on health promotions such as child care support as environment creation to be able to spend like oneself in peace without interruption, the making of structure, activity support to impaired people, consultation support to the life poor to support living of elderly person, lifestyle-related diseases prevention.

We make turnout in excursion inclination of town

To Yokohama Triennale 2020 holding, we push forward the making of bustle of town. In addition, based on progress of company accumulation, we strengthen attractive dispatch of ward for person of enterprise partnership and working in ward.
Furthermore, we work on continuous mood breeding for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics.

Security, reliable town development

We support approach of self support, community support in area and, commencing with storm and flood damage measures, plan reinforcement of disaster prevention function of the ward headquarters. In addition, in cooperation with area and related organizations, we make a little over one level of anti-crime program enlightenment activity and road safety measures and we lay emphasis on enlightenment of local beautification, environment consideration action in connection with company in ward and work.

For the making of ward office where it is easy to get close to

We work on improvement of inhabitant of a ward satisfaction that showed attractive dispatch of Nishi Ward utilizing various public information mediums such as over-the-counter service, SNS or digital tool which put themselves in shoes of customer including offer of service that polite, plain explanation is accurate, and is precise, collective strength as "team Nishi Ward Office".

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