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Child-care consultation service by child care supporter ※We reopen in some venues

Last update date June 24, 2020

Notice (June 24, 2020 publication)

About child care supporter venue which stopped from point of view preventing expansion of infectious disease of new coronavirus from March, we will reopen in some venues from the fourth week in June.
For details, please confirm in the following page for each venue as you are different.
About the resumption stop situation of child care supporter venue of Nishi Ward
In addition, we heard even telephone when there is consultation about child. Please contact at the following.
<< Nishi Ward child, home support consultation >> TEL: 045-320-8470
We would appreciate your understanding.


Have you not thought that there should be kon ttakoto, place where we could talk about having been troubled a little by child care?
Child care supporter supports child care of mother as local immediate consultant in district centers.
Any small thing gives advice about trouble of child care. In addition, please use person without consultation in particular as place for relaxation of mother including the making of friend and chattering.

The date and time, venue


The date and time: Once a week/from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00

About child-care consultation service venues by child care supporter
VenueThe locationHolding day
Local action home
Gut, the bito west
The fifth-floor/toy library
Hamamatsucho 14-40Every Monday
Tobe community house
/recreation room under the ground on the first floor
1-8, GoshoyamachoEvery Tuesday
Karuizawa community house
Multipurpose activity hall
24, KitakaruizawaEvery Tuesday

The west district center
The first-floor/playroom
※From October 7, 2020 to December Ohisama plaza (Asama 5-375-1)

Okano 1-6-41Every Wednesday
Yokohama Kyoiku Kaikan
/second training room on the first floor
53, MomijigaokaEvery Thursday
Fujidana district center
2-198, FujidanachoEvery Friday

※Map of each venue becomes this.
Venue map (PDF: 398KB)


Reservation is unnecessary. Come to venue directly.

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