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Child care support information of Minamisengen Nursery center ※[stop], until Tuesday, June 30, stop.

Last update date June 1, 2020

[important] Announcement of stop (June 1, 2020 publication)

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we stopped all child care support projects listing below from Monday, March 2, 2020, but will stop all child care support projects sequentially until Tuesday, June 30. In addition, depending on the future situation, we may change deferred ⻑ and correspondence of suspension period. We will place the latest information in this page.

Would you like to come to the kangaroo club?

Kangaroo club is place of gathering of child and protectors of mishuen (they do not enter kindergarten and nursery school).
In Minamisengen Nursery center, we perform garden, the room opening, interchange childcare, childcare course, child-care consultation service as childcare support center garden and support child care of local.
We have anxiety of childcare dissolve through these approaches even a little and think child care to be able to feel that it is more fun.
At first, we sounded intercom and "came to kangaroo club to play." Call out saying "we came so that ri ⽤ does the storage of kangaroo ⽂.".
Children of a lot of spirit are waiting, too. You feel free to contact, and please visit.

≪Inquiry, application: Minamisengen Nursery center (childcare support center garden) telephone 045-312-0942≫

Child-care consultation service

[contents] Please consult about anything including embarrassing thing by child care. We accept by at the time of visiting or call.
[the date and time] From 9:00 of Monday through Friday to 16:00
[reservation] It is not necessary.

Garden opening

[contents] We can play in garden. We play using fixed playground equipment and toy of garden.
[the date and time] From 8:30 of Monday through Friday to 13:30
※There is in ⽌ on case, holidays such as outbreak of held ⽇ and bad weather, infectious disease of childcare course.
[object] Child and protector of mishuen
[capacity] None
[reservation] It is not necessary.

Indoor (kangarumu) opening

[contents] We can play various toys in childcare support room "kangarumu". After the end, we can eat lunch which we brought. (12:15 from 11:30)
[the date and time] From 9:30 of Monday through Friday to 11:30
On the childcare course date, there is by case, stops such as bad weather, the onset of infectious disease.
[object] Child and protector of mishuen
[capacity] None
[place] Childcare support room "kangarumu"
[reservation] It is not necessary.

Kangaroo library

  • ... that we hesitate to go to library with child
  • There is not library near; and ...
  • Is looking for place to go out with child; and ...

Minamisengen Nursery center has book for many picture books and ⼤⼈. ⾏ is in local ⽅ by rental in the storage of kangaroo ⽂. Please look for ⼊ rino book in mind in spite of being story with ⼦ happily "which picture book is good?". In addition, ⾒ rukotomodekimasu slow in what is in space that we can read in the storage of ⽂. Please use while you came for garden opening, the room opening.
[the date and time] From 9:30 of Monday through Friday a week to 11:30
[rental period] Three one, two weeks
[the number of books] Picture book for children: Book for about 1,300 books, adults: About 300 books


Please fill in kangaroo club kangaroo ⽂ kori ⽤ application (free).

When we borrow

We choose ⼊ rio as mind from many books.
Note ⼊ does ⽇ which name, ⽇ which we borrowed of the name, book of ⼈ to ask for for rental note returns.

When we return

Please hand to the staff.

Fun card

At the time of picture book return, we push stamp at the time of story society participation one by one. We put seal every five.
When stamp becomes the 20th, the 40th, the 60th, there is handmade present each.

Talk; meeting

[contents] Story-telling, children's song of picture book, nursery staff and story volunteer including contact play perform.
[the date and time] From Friday 10:30 to 10:50
[object] Child and protector of mishuen
[capacity] None
[place] Childcare support room "kangarumu"
[reservation] It is not necessary.

Birthday society

[contents] Let's enjoy ⼿ play and exercises, dance to ⼀ cord with the measurement, children of ⾝⻑, the weight of * ⽣⽇ society and participant of our ⽉⽣ marenoo ⼦.

Schedule of 2020

※It is all Monday.
※From every day 10:30 to 11:00
※Birth child, please visit by 10:15 in this month.
[object] Child and protector of mishuen
[capacity] None
[place] Childcare support room "kangarumu"
[reservation] It is not necessary.

It is thyme mumblingly

[contents] You hear hint made with advice and baby food from the cooking staff of nursery school directly, and do you not try? In addition, let's tell with directors such as thinking how being in trouble about child care, thing troubled with, other mothers are considered to be happily.

Schedule of 2020
Scheduled conduct dateThe reservation reception desk start dateObject
Wednesday, May 13Friday, April 170-year-old child
Wednesday, July 8Friday, June 120-year-old child
Wednesday, September 16Wednesday, August 280-year-old child
Wednesday, February 3Wednesday, January 15Child 1 year or older

※From every day 10:00 to 11:30
[object] Child and protector of mishuen
[capacity] Each ten sets of times
[place] Childcare support room "kangarumu"
[reservation] Advance reservations (TEL: 045-312-0942) are necessary. (please inquire for the details.)

Interchange childcare

[contents] Do you not enjoy seasonal ⾏ ji and play with children? For details, please refer.

Schedule of 2020
DateEventInterchange classObjectThe number of the group of offerThe reservation start date
Monday, June 15Muddy playNone... before and after 1 year old and a halfTen setsWednesday, May 27
Tuesday, July 7tanabataInfant class2 years or olderFive setsFriday, June 12
Wednesday, August 5Pool play3 years old child classChild who is produced of diaperSeven setsFriday, July 17
Wednesday, October 14Athletic meet gameBaby/infant class1 year or older15 setsFriday, September 25
Wednesday, January 13New Year holidays playInfant class2 years or olderFive setsFriday, December 18
Tuesday, February 2SetsubunInfant class2 years or olderFive setsFriday, January 15
Wednesday, March 3The Doll's FestivalInfant class2 years or olderFive setsFriday, February 12

[reservation] Advance reservations are necessary (TEL: 045-312-0942). We accept from 9:00 of the reservation start date.

Lunch interchange

[contents] Do you not experience nursery school in class of age same as child? We play in class and eat school lunch together.

Schedule of 2020

0 years old child (usagigumi)
From H31.4.2
R1.9.30 birth

1 year old child (ahirugumi)
From H30.4.2
H31.4.1 birth
2 years old child (risugumi)
From H29.4.2
H30.4.1 birth
The reservation start date
JuneNone25th Thursday24th WednesdayDaily Monday
JulyNone29th Wednesday22nd WednesdayDaily Wednesday
October28th Wednesday21st WednesdayNoneDaily Thursday
December23rd Wednesday9th WednesdayNoneDaily Tuesday
January27th Wednesday20th WednesdayNone6th Wednesday
February24th Wednesday10th WednesdayNoneDaily Monday

[time] From 10:00 to 11:40
[belonging] Change of clothes, drink (for hydration), apron for meal, napkin towel
[expense] Baby/infant food (1.2 years old child) 320 yen, baby food (0 years old child) 160 yen
[reservation] Advance reservations are necessary (TEL: 045-312-0942). We accept from 9:00 of the reservation start date.
※Please consult about person with allergy beforehand.
[others] It may be called off by convenience (weather, infectious disease) of garden. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

Let's-free talk

[contents] As for thinking how being in trouble about child care, thing troubled with, other mothers are considered to be,
Let's talk with director and vice-director happily.

Schedule of 2020

※It is all Wednesday.
※From every day 10:00 to 11:00
[object] Child and protector of mishuen
[capacity] None
[place] Childcare support room "kangarumu"
[reservation] It is not necessary

Childcare course

[contents] At first, please enjoy house. Child care is course becoming fun.

Schedule of 2020
DateContentsObjectCapacityThe reservation start date
Friday, May 22It is eurhythmics in parent and child happily1 year or older20 setsFriday, April 24
Friday, June 19Mini theater, children's song play (meeting Alice of Kanagawa story)As for anyone20 setsFriday, May 29
Saturday, June 20Daddy mom will play! Let's play using ∼ body.1 year or older30 setsWednesday, May 20
Friday, October 30Concert (toy vomit) to enjoy in parent and childAs for anyone20 setsFriday, October 9
Friday, November 20Mini theater, children's song play (meeting Alice of Kanagawa story)As for anyone20 setsWednesday, October 28

※In addition, we plan course (provisionally) of picture book. We publish the details once it's been decided.
[place] Childcare support room "kangarumu"
[object] Child and protector of mishuen
[reservation] Advance reservations are necessary (TEL: 045-312-0942). We accept from 9:00 of the reservation start date.

Nishi Ward home delivery of cooked foods combination childcare course

[contents] We bring up "pro-⼦ contact society" and local ⼦ where ⾏ is broken in each district, and, in ⽀ enyondokoroten "smile port", nursery school, kindergarten of district, the staff of open space introduce ⼿ play, parent ⼦ contact play. In addition, each facility ⻑ talks under the theme of "thing that is running out of ⼤ by ⼦ bringing up". Let's enjoy at time when we talk with everybody in group and hear.
About detailed contents, time, please ask Minamisengen Nursery center.

Schedule of 2020
The first districtWednesday, June 17

Tobe community house "fly fly salon"
(1-8, Goshoyamacho)

The second districtThursday, September 10

Nisimae Elementary School community house "parent and child contact society"
(central 2-27-7)

The third districtUnder adjustment

Higashikubo-cho Hall
(29-11, Higashikubocho)

The fourth districtFriday, September 25

Mt. Noge kindergarten
(30, Oimatsucho)

The fifth districtThursday, November 5

Hiranuma Akira Nishi Hall "parent and child contact society"
(Hiranuma 1-35)

The sixth districtTuesday, October 27

Karuizawa community hall "relievedly station of mom"
(11-15, Kusucho)

Minato Mirai districtUnder adjustment

Local child care support base "smile port"
(3-3-1, Minato Mirai)


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