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Nursery schools: Person who wish to use nursery schools by the end of 2020

Last update date December 1, 2020


About entrance application

Person living in Nishi Ward apply for Nishi Ward Children and Families Support Division. (please file for to live other than the Nishi Ward in ward office to live or the local government.)
Please observe garden in application by all means. On visit, please refer to garden on the telephone beforehand.
Refusal after informal appointment to other applicants come to trouble. You have you confirm policies of garden, and please hope for garden where you can go to surely.

Nursery schools in Nishi Ward

※Each facility of local model childcare business sets cooperation by Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, kindergarten, one of the authorization nursery schools or plural number as "promotion ahead after graduation". About the details, please confirm this (page of Child and Youth Bureau) (you may not set for provisional measure period until the end of 2019.).

About frames such as each child-care facility of the sky

Apply if there are any request for ⼊ place in future as the number of the frames of the sky fluctuates when taien, change garden occur even if the number of the sky frames is 0⼈.

Distribution places such as usage guidances

・Nishi Ward Office the second floor 25th window
・Yokohama Station service counter in the city hall
・The authorization nursery school
・Smile port

Downloading of styles such as usage guidance, application

Application method

With necessary documents together, please apply at mail or window. (in the case of application of child needing with obstacle or consideration and application such as nursery schools of the suburbs, it becomes window reception desk.)
※Required documents, please identify 15-18 pages of "usage guidance such as 2020 Yokohama-shi nursery schools".
※Inquiry about form, schedule of documents, please use exclusive dial (TEL: 045-664-2607, FAX: 045-840-1132).
<mail reception desk>
1-5-10, Chuo, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi
Nishi Ward Children and Families Support Division childcare charge
※With each month until the last day of application reception desk period as come to have to arrive, please be careful.
Window reception desk> at <ward office
Nishi Ward Children and Families Support Division (Nishi Ward Office the second floor 25th window)
※From 8:45 to 17:00 (is excluded on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.)
※We cannot go through the procedure in open agency on Saturday.

Application period

Of "usage guidances such as Yokohama-shi nursery schools in 2020" please confirm 9-11 pages.

Please consult beforehand at such time

(1) When you wish to use nursery schools in children needing with obstacle or consideration

Please apply to caseworker in one of individual consultation (reservation required). (Phone number: 320-8467)

(2) House is out of Yokohama-shi in Nishi Ward; when wish to provide equipment

Please apply to former municipality that you wish to use beforehand after checking the deadline and the use requirements, required documents, the person in charge name at Nishi Ward Office window. We use application style of Yokohama-shi, but additional documents may be necessary depending on former municipality that you wish to use.

※Please apply with margin for approximately two weeks from the deadline of former municipality that you wish to use.

(3) When house proposes to garden in Nishi Ward outside Yokohama-shi

For more details, please confirm this guidance (PDF: 246KB).
Within one week before the deadline of Yokohama-shi, please apply in municipality to live.

About fee

About fee (childcare charges), please see this (page of Child and Youth Bureau).

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Nishi Ward Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division

Telephone: 045-320-8472

Telephone: 045-320-8472

Fax: 045-322-9875

E-Mail address [email protected]

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