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July heavy rain and typhoon (rain and typhoon)

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write)haiThere is (kuba)Information magazineOf (johoshi)ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/7/7

Heavy rain(rain)TyphoonAt the time of (typhoon) in this way ActionPlease do (how about so)

Let's check

anatagasundeirubashoha Heavy rain(rain)TyphoonIs it dangerous at the time of (typhoon)?

Heavy rain(rain)TyphoonAt the time of (typhoon),River(river) gaafuretehikuibashoni WED(we do not see) flows, and cliff may collapse.Hazard map(hazadomappu) nadodeanatagasundeirubashogakikenkadokashirabemasho.
Yokohama-shi earth and sand disaster hazard map (Naka Ward) (is yokohamashidoshasaigaihazadomappu () to write)
 IntenseRainWhen cliff collapsed by (rain),Damage(damage) oukerukamoshirenaibashogakaitearimasu.
Naka Ward flood hazard map (nakakukouzui hazard map)
 RiverWhen (river) overflowed WEDIt is ganagarekomukamoshirenaibashogakaitearimasu (we do not see).
Yokohama-shi inundation (inland waters) hazard map (Naka Ward) (there is not yokohamashishinsui (is not crowded is) hazadomappu () to write)
 The sewer(gesuido)WaterwayFrom (suiro) WEDIf (we do not see) overflows WEDIt is nitsukatteshimaubashogakaitearimasu (we do not see)
Noisily disaster prevention map (waiwaibosaimappu) (the outside site)
 Heavy rain(rain)Typhoon(typhoon)FloodAt the time of (is without asking) andEarthquakeThere is what kind of danger at the time of (jishin) and is written how we should avoid danger. In addition,DisasterTo prevent (saigai) PositionWe come to the boil (bake) Information(joho) is written.
Area (sokujihinankankokutaishokuiki) that is targeted for evacuation warning immediately (should escape immediately is dangerous Area(we repent and come))
 "Landslide alert information(doshasaigaikeikaijoho) (for landslides Attention(chui) it is said that doInformation(joho)) gahappyosaretara "Evacuation warning(hinankankoku) (City hall(city hall)Ward officeFrom (kuyakusho)Appearance) which is ( Is done; it is said that should escapeAdvice(adobaisu))Appearance) which is ( It is doneAreaIt is (we repent and come).Naka WardIn (write) of nineArea that is targeted for evacuation warning immediatelyThere is (sokujihinankankokutaishokuiki).
※Apply toAreaWe finish in (we repent and come)PeopleTo (people) Ward officeFrom (kuyakusho) saying "should escape"ContactWe are doing (renraku).

Hazard map(hazadomappu),Ward officeWe distribute even (kuyakusho).

Heavy rain(rain)TyphoonAt the time of (typhoon) in this way ActionPlease do (how about so)

Q1 Hazard mapIn (hazadomappu), it is anatagasundeirubashoosagashitekudasai. Is it anatagasundeirubashohakikendesuka?

Of cliffThe topOf (the top), cliffBottomIn (we did)HouseThere is (say)

RiverNear (river)HouseThere is (say)

The seaNear (the sea)HouseThere is (say)

We crawl on A1Damage(damage) as may look good HouseOf (say)The outsideLet's run away to (the outside)
   No ⇒ Mind(come) Do not relax this Disaster information(saigaijoho)Evacuation information(hinanjoho) *zutashikamemasho

When we evade Q2TimeDoes it take (jikan)? (Elderly person(we ask)hoIt is kukotogadekinai (there is)People(people))
We crawl on A2Caution level(keikaireberu) if become 3, let's escape
   No ⇒ Caution level(keikaireberu) if become 4, let's escape

When should we escape?

Caution level(keikaireberu) which; isActionWhen do you evade whether we should take (how about so)? DangerOf (danger)LargeIt is kisani (chase)go(a) waseteNumberWe expressed in (suuji).Number(suuji)LargeWork (chase); I see DangerAs for (danger)LargeWork (chase); become.

Caution level (keikaireberu)


In this wayActionPlease do (how about so)Such a thing happens

DangerAs it is (danger)The outsideIn (the outside)Appearance) which is ( There is not, and please give me! YouThe firstIf it is good (most)omoiIt is u (main)MethodIn ()Life(life)shu(mamo) rimasho

River(river) overflows, and cliff collapses,Disaster(saigai) happens
4Danger(danger) nabashokaraAll the members(zenin) please escapeCity hall(city hall)Ward office(kuyakusho)Evacuation warning(hinankankoku) (advice that you should evade),Evacuation warning(hinanshiji) (Emergency(kinkyu) take out) (escape (immediately))
3Danger(danger) nabashokaraElderly personPlease evade (you ask)Evacuation sites(hinambasho) (we escape) is opened.
※Let's get ready to escape.
Elderly personTo evade (we ask)TimeIt takes (jikan)People(people) will begin to escape
2Hazard mapTo see (hazadomappu), we will check how you escapeThe Meteorological Agency(Kisho butterfly) (Weather(tenki)Reputation(u) keji(is), too tsuCountryOf (kuni)Government office(we bake))Heavy rain advisory(oamechuiho) (Heavy rainFor (rain) Mind(come) News to soak this),Flood advisory(kouzuichuiho) (FloodIn (without asking)Mind(come) We take out news) to soak this
1The latestOf (saishin)InformationLet's check (joho)

The Meteorological Agency(Kisho butterfly) (Weather(tenki)Reputation(u) keji(is), too tsuCountryOf (kuni)Government office(we bake))Early attention information(sokichuihojoho) (very terribleHeavy rain(rain)Typhoon(typhoon)kin(chika) zuiteirunodeMind(come) We say to soak thisInformation(joho) take out)

AlwaysThe latestOf (saishin)Information(joho)Check(chiekku) let's do

The latestOf (saishin)Disaster prevention weather information(bosaikishojoho)Check(chiekku) do,AlreadyIt is meni (already) OneselfOf (oneself)The body(see) Thisshu(mamo) ruyonishimasho.

Where do you run away to?

Security(security) nabashohenigemasho
Evacuation sites(hinambasho),kin(chika) kunoHill(takadai) (HillLike (put) from the circumference High(cook) kunatteirubasho),Security(security) nabashoniaru Parent(believe) of a coughHouseLet's escape to (say)

kin(chika) kunoHighIt is i (cook)Building(of length) is strongBuilding2 of (of length)FloorIs (; than)The topOf (the top)FloorLet's escape

HouseOf (say)MediumOf (cry)Security(security) nabashoniimasho
HouseOf (say)The outsideRunning away to (the outside) DangerWhen it is (danger),HouseOf (say)The topOf (the top)FloorIs (;),HouseOf (say)MediumOf cliff of (cry)The other sideTo (hantaigawa) Movement(ido) let's do

Heavy rain(rain)TyphoonOf time of (typhoon)Evacuation sites(hinambasho)

Heavy rain(rain)TyphoonAt the time of (typhoon) "Caution level(keikaireberu) when become 3, cliffThe ground(chi) We finish of this nearPeopleFor (people) to escapeEvacuation sites(hinambasho)Open(hira) die.

  • Barley field Seifuuso(mugitaseifuuso)………………… Mugitacho(mugitacho) 1ChomeIt is 26-1 (butterfly)
  • Yamamoto Elementary School(mountain cause elementary school)………………… Yamamotocho(mountain cause butterfly) 3ChomeIt is 152 (butterfly)
  • Arabian bird elementary school(decoy elementary school)………………… Honmoku-cho(hommokucho) 1ChomeIt is 251 (butterfly)
  • The top stand meeting place(kamidaisyukaijo)………………… Hongo-cho(hongocho) 2ChomeIt is 50 (butterfly)
  • With allGeneral high school(sogokoutougakkou)……… Yamashitacho(butterfly which let stop) 231

※Of these Evacuation sites(hinambasho) Seismic intensity(shindo) 5Strong; the aboveOf (kyoijo)EarthquakeWhen (jishin) happened Open(hira) die Evacuation shelterIt is different from (chiikibosaikyoten).

Evacuation sitesTo (hinambasho)Line() kutokiniha

RiverOf side of (river) and side of cliffWay(rise)tsuIs and others (ask); if let's be, let's do.SecurityIt is (security)Way(rise)tsu(ask),mei(dirt) ruiuchininigemamasho.
Evacuation sitesIn (hinambasho),Meal(ta) bemono ・WEDIt is (we do not see)TowelYou including (break off)NeedPlease bring thing which is (need).Parking spaceThere is no (chushasupesu).
New coronavirus infectious diseaseDo not hang over (shingatakoronauirusukansensho),Evacuation sitesIn (hinambasho) *zu MaskPlease soak (masuku).

Of youHouseIf (say) fails

NatureOf (natural)DisasterBy (saigai) of youHouse(say) Damage(damage)Reputation(u) Figure time, "Affliction certificate(risaishomeisho) (HouseHow much is (say)? DamageDid you receive (damage)? Proof(niece carrying) doDocuments(shorui))Ward officeSuch as (kuyakusho)Counter in chargeFor (sputum father window complaint)See(see) seruto,NextIt is like (next time)joIt is ke ・ (make up)Support(we cannot do)Reputation(u) We may be kicked.
Property tax(koteishisanzei),City(do) Prefectural taxOf (kemminzei)Reduction of taxes(gemmen) (yasuComb is enough (do),Exemption(menjo) what we do)
Disaster ex gratia paymentOf (saigaimimaikin)Supply(as soon as possible) (FRIYou can get)
※"Affliction certificate(risaishomeisho)Ward office(kuyakusho) WindowBy (window complaint)Application(shinsei) (that there isFireAt the time of (bloom)Fire departmentIn (we carry)Application(shinsei) please do;).

[inquiry]Naka Ward Office(we write) Disaster prevention charge(bosaitantou) TEL︓045-224-8112 FAX︓045-224-8109

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