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Symbiosis (tabunkakyosei) multicultural in March

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/6/25

3Month issue(convenience)

AllYokohama Naka Ward person(is Yokohama write pitch a camp) ... "Multicultural symbiosisTown of (tabunkakyosei)Naka WardIn (write)OneselfIt is ... like (oneself)

Just,Naka Ward(write) is 10PeopleIn (appoint)One(one)ForeignerIn (gaikokujin), it is sonoRatio(comparatively)Year by year(we do not sleep we do not sleep) zo(fu) We obtain.JapanIn (nihon)Come(come) tesugunokoroha,AreaOf (chiiki)People(people) withStoryWithout doing (story),Anxiety(anxiety)FeelingIt is jirukotogaaruto (feel)omoiWe are (main). But,*(hatara) reach,Study(mana) while ndari lives,Lap(mawa) rinoPeopleFrom (people)VoiceHave (we get fat) runAreaIn (chiiki)ActivityWe do (gather)ForeignerIn (gaikokujin)zo(fu) We obtain.

Multicultural symbiosisWith (tabunkakyosei)Communication(komyunikeshon)

WordsCommunicationTo do (komyunikeshon); very muchImportantIt is (important). But,Foreign languageLearning (gaikokugo)Very muchIt is (very much).This time(whether you do not come),JapanIn (nihon)Come(come) tekaraFor the first timeIt is mete (ashamed)Japanese(nihongo)Study(mana) ndaTo (person)Story(story)bun(come) We came.

Hamada saida(hamadasaida)

JapanIn (nihon)House(do) Hmm, how long do you stand?
7YearIt is (we do not sleep).Mother(haha)Japanese(Japanese),Father(chichi)MoroccanIn (morokkojin) IMoroccoIn (morokko)Life(u) Rareiku(soda) chimashita.Japanese(nihongo)zen(hold) kuStory(flower) do not do,QuestionEven if we want to do (question)EnglishOnly in (eigo)Story(flower) senainode,Answer(kota) as for not having obtaintaWe won (chase).

HowJapanese(nihongo)Study(mana) is ndanodesuka?
Japanese schoolIn (nihongogakkou)tsuttari, nakaInternational exchange loungeOf (kokusaikouryuraunji)Volunteer Japanese lesson(borantianihongokyoshitsu)The use(riyo) did.LifeWhat we do not understand while we do (result wins),Friend(friend)SchoolOf (school)Teacher(teacher),The workplaceOf (shokuba)People(people) to standbun(come) We came. FRIThingWorkWhen we arrive about (work),For the first timeIt is meteno (ashamed)The workplaceIn (shokuba)kyo(dumb person) had obtain.

MoroccoWith (morokko)JapanOf (nihon)i(chiga) ihaWhatIs it (what)?
MealIn (shokuji)HouseAs for (say)CultureIn (bunka),The truthIn (the truth)i(chiga) is.*In (untie)i(chiga) unohaNeighborhoodOf (kinjo)People(people) withfu(tsu) Comego(a) iIt is (person).MoroccoIn (morokko)NeighborhoodOf (kinjo)FamilyWith (kazoku) very muchRelation(cry)ryo) which is ( kuEach other(taga) ioyokuIntellect(do) We are in this.MealIn (shokuji)Call) which is ( ndariCall) which is ( As for coming outtaWe come over (chase) and do.JapanIn (nihon)NeighborhoodOf (kinjo)People(people) are goodShare(wa) We did not cut.Intellect(do) ranaikara "Fear(ask) with iomoi(main) might put away. But,The head(naga) when let bind,Japan(nihon)SecurityBy (security)Living(ku) rashiyasuiCountryIn (kuni),JapaneseOf (Japanese)Feeling(the liver) chimoyokuwakaruyoninarimashita.

Multicultural symbiosisFor (tabunkakyosei)ImportantBeing (important)WhatIs it (what)?
The workplaceOf (shokuba)PeopleEven with (people),WorkOf (work)Relations(kankei)Detached room(flower) reteEach other(taga) to beFreedomIn (free)Story(story) is possible; "PlaceWhen there should be (basho)omoiWe are (main).FreedomIn (free)StoryIf (story) is possible, it is variousShare(wa) Cutgo(a) As for obtainingzo(fu) When we obtainomoiWe are (main).

Local communityWith (chiikikomyuniti)Multicultural symbiosisWith (tabunkakyosei)

AreaOf (chiiki)PeopleWith (people)Every dayWhen we say hello (every day),NatureIn (natural)joIt is ke (make up)go(a) ObtainRelationsIt becomes (kankei).
AreaIn (chiiki)ActivityAs for (gather)hirome(Hiro) gari, now,Naka WardOf (write)People(people) standing connectionshinIt is meteimasu (blow).

nijiiroSounding out place hard to pass unit(sputum weariness) Coordinator(kodineta) Forest Nishiki garden(phosphorus smoking cessation)

"nakaInternational exchange loungeIn (kokusaikouryuraunji) "Rainbow spaceWe say (reimbosupesu)ForeignerOf (gaikokujin)Young people(wakamono) notamenoPlace to stayThere is (ibasho).I(I) hasonoMediumIn (cry) "nijiiroSounding out place hard to pass unitWe say (sputum weariness)The nameOf (the name)GroupIn (gurupu)ActivityWe are doing (gather). "nijiiroExpeditionary party(sputum weariness)JapaneseWith (Japanese)ForeignerOf (gaikokujin)Interchange event(kouryuibento)PlanIt is (we come and write)AdministrationWe are doing (we obtain and are yes). In addition,Interpreter volunteerAs (tsuuyakuborantia)AreaOf (chiiki)EventOf (gyoji)Hand biography(tetsuda) is. sonoActivity(gather)ForeignerOf (gaikokujin)People(people)AreaOf (chiiki)ActivityIn (gather)Participation(sanka) perform to become easy.I(I) standing is konoActivityIn doing (we gather)Oneself(oneself) ofGrowthIt leads to (result butterfly).JapanIn (nihon)Life() In comingConfidence(jishin)ji(is), too tenaideiruAs for (person) by all meansLocal eventOf (chiikigyoji)The staffAs (sutaffu)Participation(sanka) please do. Then,OneselfIt is said that (oneself) may be hereConfidence(jishin)ji(is), too tsukotogadekiruyoninarimasu. Everybody is various, tooExperienceWhen do (keiken), surelyAreaOf (chiiki)MediumIn (cry)OneselfOf (oneself) needPlace(basho)See(see) When it is putomoiWe are (main).

Multicultural symbiosisOf (tabunkakyosei)Base(kyoten) nakaInternational exchange lounge(kokusaikouryuraunji)

basho:Naka Ward Office annexIt is 1 (we write)FloorIs (;)
Words:Japanese(nihongo) English(eigo) Chinese(chugokugo)
jikan: Month, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, day 10:00-17:00 (the thirdSunday(nichiyo) is closed)
 Fire, soil 10:00-20:00
LifeWhile we do (result wins)NeedIt is (need)Information(joho)Foreign languageIn (gaikokugo)Offer(teikyo) is doing. In addition,EventWe do (ibento) and,StudyWe do (study) and,JapaneseWith (Japanese)Foreigner(gaikokujin)Interchange(interchange) can do itPlaceIt is (basho).

Volunteer(we do not overcharge)Offer(bosyu) is doing
TEL: 045-210-0667 FAX: 045-224-8343

i(chiga) there is not coming overdoIt is jitokoroo ()See(see) Can arrive!

Naka WardIt is in (write)United States Department of State Japanese training institute(amerikakokumushonihongokensyujo),JapanIn (nihon)*(hatara) kuThe United StatesOf (amerika)Diplomat(gaikoukan)JapaneseOf (nihongo)The training(kensyu)Reputation(u) KickPlaceIt is (basho).Training instituteOf (kensyujo)DirectorOf (shocho)kanroi(kanroi) toi(thing) becomeCulture(bunka)Understanding(rikai) doPoint(pointo)bun(come) We came.

C.A.kanroi director(kanroishocho)
Pet dogWith (aiken)SameIn (same)

i(thing) becomeCulture(bunka)Understanding(rikai) do, sonoCountryIn (kuni)LifeIn (result wins)kan) which is ( reteikutameniNeedBeing (we need)WhatIs it (what)?
GoodFriend(friend)ProductIt is rukotodesu (arrive).Mistake(town) obtainedTimeIn (time) immediatelykyo(dumb person) obtainEach other(taga) to beSincerityIt is jiaeru (believe)FriendIt is (friend).JapanWhen we come to (nihon) and are immediate,IOf (I)JapaneseOf (nihongo)MistakeIt is io (town)kyo(dumb person) obtainAdvice(adobaisu) didFriendThere was (say pitch a camp). sonoFriendWith (friend)Relations(kankei) is 30nenijozoku(nenijotsuzu) is.Foreign countryIn (gaikoku)LifeDoing (result wins)In particularIt is (in particular)ExperienceIt is (taiken).CultureOf (bunka)i(chiga) may be surprised to be,Marriage(marriage)Childbirth(shussan),ImportantIt is (important)PeopleWith (people)Distinction(is heated) renado,Life() While we comeSerious matterIt is (important)EventWhen (event) happenedFeelingIt is jiru (feel)Feeling(feeling) as for chiha, anyonedoIt is jidesu ().LifeOf (result wins)MediumEven as for (cry),CultureOf (bunka)i(chiga) to beMind(come) But, we arrive and are interesting! ThisomoiIt is ukotomoarimasu (main). ButdoIt is jitokoroo ()See(see) Put; and togetherComfort(tano) come to get wet() is much better.

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