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December, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

12Month issue(convenience)

From December 3 to 9th Person with a disability week(we carry, but learn if we let you be feel)

"poreporeguzzuDo you know (poreporeguzzu)? "poreporeguzzu,"ObstacleOf (carry, but is) there isPeople(people) makes ArticleIt is (shinamono). "poreporeguzzu,"Naka WardOf (write) Work placeWe make in (sagyosho). Is delicious in "poreporeguzzu";CakeIncluding (lend) and bread is various TypeThere is (shurui).Current month(kongetsu) "poreporeguzzu" ProductThere is (arrive) Everybody(all) inStory(story) bun(come) We came.

BreadOf (pan) Type(shurui) AboutIt is 30 (bake)Type(shurui)!


Katsutoshi Wada(wadakatsutoshi)


●From when bread Roast(and) Are you?
10Before yearFrom (nemmae) bread Roast(and) We are. Side dish(side dish) bread,WED(we do not see) nyu() reteshittori Roast(and) We come.

●How long TimeDoes it take (jikan)?
1Time(jikan) 30Share(pun) take.OvenIt is 1 in (obun)SUNIt is 2-3 in (nichi)TimeIs (;) shiWe are (arrive).

●What kind of bread is there?
CroissantEven in (kurowassan), it is 7Type(shurui) there is.Product(arrive) all the tta Bakery bai(u) reruto very much kiWe force (sell) and do.

Fun Decoration(kaza) riya Card(kado) ProductIt is rimasu (arrive)!

Challenge new life

Takayuki Goto(father Takayuki)

ProductIt is ri (arrive)(person) kyo(dumb person) please obtain. How long TimeDoes it take (jikan)?
Picture(obtain) This DraftAfter coming (we did), and doing,saiIt is i (dry) CutterIn (we won) Paper(chew) setsu(come) This ProductIt is rimasu (arrive).Plan(bean jam) Thought(kanga) after obtaining CompletionIt is 2-3 to (kansei)SUN(nichi) take.
Very muchHow is that it is (very much) TimeIs it (time)? How is nice one TimeIs it (time)?
Visitor(kyaku) "PetOf (petto) DogOf (dog) Decoration(kaza) rio Product(arrive) saying is gen() We were.niIt is) in ( teinaito omoiWhen it is broken (main) Quiet simplicity(sami) shiinode,Photograph(photograph) Debt(or) ritegambatte ProductIt is rimashita (arrive). "niIt is) in ( With teiru Joy(yoroko) ndemoraemashita.Child(come) domo Ream(zu) renooMother(mother) Mind(come) In thisnyu() This bai(or) He/she gave this Time(time),The truthWe are glad in (the truth).

"poreporeguzzuWhere is (poreporeguzzu)?bai(or) Do you obtain?

ShopIn (show)
Quite good feh(nakanakafe) (Japanese Odori 35☎342-4710)
Market terrace cafe ・(makettoterasukafe)  Small box shop(kobakoshoppu)  (Ishikawa-machi 2-64☎264-8370)

EventIn (ibento)
Naka Ward OfficeIt is 1 (we write)Floor: Fourth Friday from 11:00 to 13:30 (in June and November five days)
Ion Honmoku store(ionhommokuten) (7-1, Honmokuhara): Third Tuesday from 13:00 to 15:00
The Honmoku front desk(hommokufuronto) (2-100-4, Kominatocho): Second Tuesday from 13:00 to 15:00 (we take a rest in January and August)

It spreads from new "manufacturing"Activity(gather)

Differencemitome(mito) metenakayokushiyotoiutorikumiga spreads.

NPOCorporation throw label(hojinsuroreberu)
Representative(daihyo) kuriseiryoi(kurisuyoshie)
"Slow label(suroreberu) is 2011YearIn (we do not sleep)ritsu(ta) TutThe top(a) gemashita.Elephant's trunk terraceIn (it lights up flower of elephant),Hand(te) Of makingArticleWe have begun to sell (die).Article(shinamono)Work place(sagyojo) Artist(atisuto) Company(if we meet) matched power and made
2012YearIn (we do not sleep), "SLOW FACTORY" began. "SLOW FACTORY" is variousPeople(people) manufacturingtsuIt is jite (go)Interchange(interchange) doEventIt is (ibento).AreaWith people in (chiiki)Project(purojiekuto) was made, too.

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