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November, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

11Month issue(convenience)

We are not alone. ... which ... chiikidekosodateosasaeruhitotachi, people to snuggle up to are

Child care(dandy) being nice,Comfort(tano) shiikotogataWe are good (chase), but are aloneomoiIt is i (main)*(naya) mukotomoarimasuyone. In such a case,The one step outsideDo you not go to (ipposoto)?Naka WardIn (write)AreaIn (chiiki)Child careHe/she helps (dandy)PeopleThere is (people) a lot.


Under child careOf (kosodatechu)ParentWith (oya)Child(come) domogaFreedomIn (free)shu(atsu) wait, andStory(story) do, and do and,SameIn (same)Play(aso) ndaridekiruPlace(basho).Chief children's committeeIn (shuninjidoiin)Consultation(so) is made, too.

It is so while letting child play
Minosawa area(minosawachiiki) do it in care plaza; "minosawaChild care cheering party(support for show).Dietician(and we obtain and will be)Red(dirt) properlySmall(chii) saiChild(come) domonoMealOf (shokuji)Consultation(so)Reputation(u) We may kick.

PreparationWith toy done (get ready) at easePlay(aso) bukotogadekimasu.

The topOf (the top)Child(come) But, we needParentAs there is (oya), too,Nursery school(hoikuen)KindergartenOf (cannot shoot)Story(story) shioBiography(ivy) obtainPlace(ba) It becomes this.Light carIt is i (cut)FeelingFor (feeling)Come(come) tekudasaine♪

The sixth district chief children's committee
AsaiIt is (shallow) Hasegawa(Hasegawa)

dai2On Thursday(mokuyobi) 10:00-12:00


ObstacleThere is (we carry, but are)Child(come) domoya,The development(the development)*It is reteitari (put)WorryOf (worry) there isChild(come) domonitsuite,BasicIt is (kihonteki)Life trainingWith (result and training)Local interchangeWe do (chiikikouryu).

doIt is ji ()*(naya) mioShare(wa) Cutgo(a) u
Furochou(furoucho) Area(chiiki) in care plazasObstacle(we carry, but are)ji(is), too ttaChild(come) domonoshu(atsu) mari "Tulip(churippu) is open. There,Child(come) domonigo(a) wasetaActivity(gather)Play(aso) bi,ParentsIs it (oyadoshi)?InterchangeWe do (interchange).

"Tulip" volunteer
Fukaya(fukaya) Yamaoka(Yamaoka)


AdultAs for (adult)Child(come) domomo,AreaOf (chiiki)People(people) all the,MealWhile doing (shokuji)Relief(relief) doMistake(do) goseruPlace to stay(ibasho).

"Welcome back."SmileBy (smile)MeetingObtain (turn), can be relievedPlace(ba)
"Fortune(full stomach) the town of topRestaurantIn (shokudo) with isMONIt is 2 in (arrive)TimeIs (;),About(bake) 70 mealsPreparationWe do (get ready),Adult(adult) 300Japanese yenIt is (act)Child(come) domo 100Japanese yenIn (act)Meal(shokuji)Appearance) which is ( We are doing.HometownOf (hometown)People(people) ofCooperationWe do it in (kyoryoku).

"Fortune(full stomach) the town of topRestaurantWe made (shokudo)Aoki(Japanese laurel)

dai2.4On Tuesday(kayobi) 17:00-20:00


Outing spot (The wardOf (kunai)Child care(dandy)joWe kick (make up)FacilityOf (shisetsu))Information(joho)Share(wa) CutMapIt is (chizu). Of "outingArt(art) and "RainOf (rain)SUN(hi) Of thisMistake(do) As for the explanation such as way.
ChineseThere is (chugokugo), too


yokohamakosodatepatona (chiikikosodateshienkyotennombirinko)

yokohamakoikuIt is te partner ((in Yokohama, dandy)SpecialtyOf (thing not to wear)The staff(sutaffu)),Child careOf (dandy)*(naya) miyakon(top) ttakotonitsuite together Thought(thought) teikimasu. In addition,NeedIt is (need)Information(joho)to(innards) do,Facility(shisetsu)Support organization(cannot do do not work)Intellect(do) raseshimasu. In open spaceChild(come) domooPlay(aso) basenagarademo,TelephoneEven as for (telephone),LightheartedIn (lighthearted)ConsultationWe can do it (so).
TEL: 045-228-8330 (Yokohama child care(in Yokohama, dandy) dial for exclusive use of partner)
Anytime: We look in Sunday/Monday, New Year holidays on 10:00-16:00 Sunday


Naka WardIn (write),Nursery schoolIn (hoikuen)tsuuChild(come) domodehanakutemoGardenIn (entei)Play(aso) ndari,Child careOf (dandy)*(naya) mioConsultationWe do (so) and can do itPlace(basho) (Granma nursery school(gurammahoikuen) is) 35?Place(sho) there is.
Service(sabisu)The conduct date and time(jisshinichiji)Nursery schoolIt varies according to (hoikuen)

nakakukikansodanshiensenta (miharashiponte)

AreaIn (chiiki)Living(ku) rasuObstacleThere is (we carry, but are)People(people), matasonoFamilyOf (kazoku)Consultation(so)Reputation(u) keteimasu.TelephoneEven as for (telephone),VisitEven as for (thing)Story(story)bun(come) We come.
TEL: 045-628-1343
Anytime:On Monday(getsuyobi) ...On Friday(kinyobi) 9:00-17:00

Child, kateishiensodan

0YearIt is 18 from (bloom)YearTo (bloom)Child careIn (dandy)SekiWe do (feel)Ward officeOf (kuyakusho)Inquiry counter(sodammadoguchi). In such a case*(naya) mazunigoConsultationPlease give me (so).
TEL: 045-224-8345
Anytime:On Monday(getsuyobi) ...On Friday(kinyobi) 8:45-17:00


Child careIn (dandy)*(naya) ndatokiya "AbuseIs it (gyakutai)?omoiIt is ttarao (main)Telephone(telephone).
TEL: 0120-805-240 (24Time(jikan) 365SUN(nichi) Reputation(u) kefu(tsu) keteimasu.)

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