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October, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

10Month issue(convenience)

zuttozuttokonoHouseIn (say) this townLiving(ku) rashitai! ...HomeIn (home)Medical careWhile receiving (iryo)LifeDoing (result wins)Choice(gills) bu

You,Death(do) nuThe frontWhereLiving(ku) rashitaidesukatobun(come) If it dies,WhatWith (what)Answer(kota) do soak?DiseaseEven if become (thumbtack comes), all the timeOneselfOf (oneself)HouseIn (say)Living(ku) rashitaitoiuPeople(people)taWe repent (chase).

Local inclusion care systemWith (chiikihokatsukeashisutemu)Naka Ward(write)

"Local inclusion care systemWith (chiikihokatsukeashisutemu),The old daysFrom (the old days)House(do) HmmTownIn (town)OneselfIt seems to be (oneself)Life(result wins)Death(do) At marshzoku(tsuzu) to be able to kick, sonoTownOf (town)Lap(mawa) rinoPeople(people)joIt is ke (make up)go(a) uStructureWe see (spread) and are with saw.Naka WardIn (write)DoctorIt is ・ (if we let you be)DentistIt is ・ (if we let you be)DrugstoreIt is, ・ (medicine)LifeOf (result wins)CareHe/she does (care)People(people) Hospital(byoin)joIt is ke (make up)go(a) HeyDeath(do) At marshOneselfOf (oneself)HouseIn (say)Living(ku) rashitaitoiuPeopleOf (people)HopeHe/she grants (hope).

HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) Kicking,LifeIn doing (result wins)*(naya) how is ndaraSmall(chii) sanakotodemoI(I) to standConsultationPlease do (so)!

OneselfOf (oneself)HouseIn (say)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) ketai,LifeOf (result wins)CareWhen we want you to do (care)omoiIt is ttara (main)NextOf (next time)People(people) to standConsultationPlease do (so).

Naka Ward home medical care counselor's office(nakakuzaitakuiryosodanshitsu)

HomeIn (home)Reputation(u) We are kickedMedical careAbout (iryo)Inquiry counterIt is (sodammadoguchi). Doctor(if let be),HospitalOf (byoin)Introduction(whether you carry),HomeIn (home)Reputation(u) We are kickedMedical care(iryo)kyo(dumb person) obtain. Is various;Hand biography(tetsuda) is
TEL: 045-307-2505 (On Monday(getsuyobi) ...On Friday(kinyobi) 9:00-17:00)
FAX: 045-628-3558
E-MAIL:[email protected]

Home medical care counselor's office(zaitakuiryo) Harumi IijimaIt is (we look after Iijima in spring) Junko Koizumi(koizumijunko) Ryoko Nomura(nomurareiko)

Community care plaza(chiikikeapuraza) (Local Elderly Care Management Center(chiikihokatsushiensenta))

Medical care(iryo) LifeOf (result wins)Care(care)ServiceIn (sabisu)SekiOf each to do (we feel)TownOf (town)Inquiry counterIt is (sodammadoguchi).HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) ketai ・LifeOf (result wins)CareIt is said that we want you to do (care)Consultation(so)ProcedureHe/she does (go through the procedure).DiseaseTo prevent it from becoming (thumbtack comes)Health(health) of makingConsultationAs for (so)We go(we perform).SpiritFrom house which is (spirit)ConsultationLet's do (so).

Barley field community care plaza(mugitachiikikeapuraza) (Local Elderly Care Management Center(chiikihokatsushiensenta))
Haruko YoshimuraIt is (we come in Yoshimura spring)

Community care plaza(chiikikeapuraza) (Local Elderly Care Management CenterOf (chiikihokatsushiensenta))List(ichiran)

Shinyamashita(shinyamashita) (with allThe Red Cross hospital(sekijujibyoin) entrance bus stop) TEL: 045-625-1911 FAX: 045-625-1865
Furochou(furoucho) (Isezaki-Chojamachi StationIt is) TEL (we can wait, and Isezaki butterfly comes): 045-625-662-0161 FAX: 045-662-0192
Barley field(mugita) (Mugitacho bus stop(mugitachobasutei)) TEL: 045-664-6023 FAX: 045-664-6075
Honmokuhara(hommokuhara) (Wada Yamaguchi bus stop(wadayamaguchibasutei)) TEL: 045-623-0971 FAX: 045-623-0977
Minosawa(minosawa) (Negishidai bus stop(negishidaibasutei) Asahi stand bus stop(asahidaibasutei)) TEL: 045-663-6960 FAX: 045-228-1828
Honmokuwada(hommokuwada) (Two valley bus stops(ninotanibasutei) Ex-Emperor east fortune former bus stop(toufukuimmaebasutei)) TEL: 045-622-1211 FAX: 045-622-1290

HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) ketai,LifeOf (result wins)CareQ&A of person wanting you to do (result wins)

hitorigurashinotoshiyoridemoHomeIn (home)Medical careWhile receiving (iryo)LifeCan you do it (result wins)?
Serviceshiukotode, hitorigurashidemo are old (arrive)CoupleEven in (fuufu),HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) kenagaraLifeWe can do (result wins). Of eachHouseBy (say)Correspondence(we chase sea bream)Strange(or) We break.

How isMedical care(iryo)Reputation(u) Can you kick?
HomeEven (home) is variousMedical care(iryo)Reputation(u) We can kick.NextIt is like (next time)PeopleAs for (people)HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) keteimasu.
(example)●Oxygen(sanso)kyu(do) We need in thisPeople(people)
  Catheter(kateteru)nyu() reteiruPeople(people)
 ●Of cancertsuIt is mio medicine ()shi(and) meteiruPeople(people)

Doctor(if let be)Nurse(kangoshi)HomeIn (home)Come(come) tekureruMedical careThere is (iryo).
Family(kazoku)Very muchThat it becomes (very much)WorryIt is (worry)
HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) kezoku(tsuzu) to kick,Family(kazoku)Very much(very much) do not have,ServiceWe are good in (sabisu)shi(arrive)LifeDoing (result wins)ImportantIt is (important).Family(kazoku)HomeOf (home)The situationTo (jokyo),Very muchSpear which prevents it from becoming (very much)(person)SameIn (same)ThinkIn one of (think)ConsultationPlease do (so).

At night(stop by)HolidayIt is rumen (do)SUN(hi) As for thisCome(come) Is it temoraerunodesuka?
HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) keteiruPeople(people) notamenoHospital(byoin) and 24Time nurse(jikankangoshi)Visit(thing) doServiceThere is (sabisu), too.Doctor(if we let you be)HomeIn (home)Come(come) tekureruhoka ・TelephoneEven as for (telephone)ConsultationWe have (so) appear.

AnytimeConsultationWe have (so),*(tayo) rininaruoDoctor(if let be)Sounding out(Saga) let's do

HomeIn (home)Medical care(iryo)Reputation(u) ketainodeareba,JustIt is when from (just), butConsultationWe have (so)*(tayo) rininaruoDoctor(if let be)Sounding out(Saga) let's do.Just(just),shoWe do (not crowded)HealthIn (health)WorryIf it may be (worry),HospitalIn (byoin)Line() Hey*(tayo) rininarisonaoDoctor(if let be)Sounding out(Saga) let's do. ;Doctor(if let be)Home(home)Visit(thing) do not doPeopleEven if was (people), of youBodyIt is good with (body)Intellect(do) If we are in this,ryo) which is ( iTeacher(teacher)IntroductionHe/she does (whether you carry).

Newly-married woman(Niizuma) The right track(Masamichi) come (Naka Ward medical association at-home medical treatment manager)

"Still "Old manIn (roujin) though is not…". As for such you by all meansParticipation(sanka) let's do!Old man(roujin) clubStudy(mana) bukotoya ・Health(health) the making ofFriend(friend) of makingPlaceIt is (basho)!

Death(do) At marshOneselfLike (oneself)LifeTo do (result wins),Comfort(tano) want to do shiikotoPlace(basho)NeedIt is (need).AlreadyIt is kukara (already)Golden age clubIn (roujinkurabu)Participation(sanka) doing,HealthFor (health)ryo) which is ( ikotodesu.kin(chika) kunijoIt is ke (make up)go(a) As for the friend to getzo(fu) Soak. As for youGolden age clubDo you not enter (roujinkurabu)?
Inquiry:Naka Ward(write) Golden age club(roujinkurabu) reamgokai(the alliance) The secretariat(jimukyoku) TEL: 045-681-8480 FAX: 045-681-8480

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