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August, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

8Month issue(convenience)

Naka fire department(nakashobosho) 100 sainotanjobi

2019Year(we do not sleep),Naka fire departmentAfter (nakashobosho) was made; 100Year(we do not sleep) stands. This 100Age eyesOf (we do not sleep)Note(come) We do not sleepYearIn (do) youHouse(do) mumachitoImportantIt is (important)PeopleYour being able to do it to protect (people)Thought(kanga) do not obtain?

Of beginningFire departmentVertical thing of (we carry)

Of nextFire departmentVertical thing of (we carry)

JustOf (just)Naka fire department(nakashobosho)

Naka fire department(nakashobosho) 100Age eyes(we do not sleep)Note(come) Festival to do not to lie down

By this festival,Fire(rudder)EarthquakeOf (jishin)TimeWhat should I do in (time)?Exercise(rensyu) do and,Fire engine(we carry)See(see) Enough,Fire fighterOf (shoboshi)Clothes(blow)Child(come) domogakitaridekimasu.
nichiji: Saturday, November 9 10:00-15:00
basho:Odori of Japan(nihonodoo) ri (In front of prefectural officeIt is bus (Kencho ago)*shitasha(teigesha))
Inquiry:Naka fire department(nakashobosho) TEL: 045-251-0119

Of the old daysMajor earthquake(we believe uncle)Big fireArt to prevent damage from (rudder)Study(mana) bimasho

EarthquakeOf (jishin)The backIn (more)FireIt becomes (rudder)HaraIt is inha (appear)The timesIt varies according to (jidai). 1923YearOf (we do not sleep)The Great Kanto EarthquakeIn (kantoudaishinsai), cook rice; "furnace,"FishRoast (fish); "Seven(shichi) say phosphorusToolFrom (dogu)TUE(hi) ButAppearance) which is ( mashita. Also many peoplebo) which is ( kunattarihidoiEyes) which is ( We looked good.In late yearsOf (kinnen)Major earthquakeIn (we believe uncle),FireIt becomes (rudder)Hara(appear) inno 60%ElectricityIt is (we do not appear come).ElectricityOf (we do not appear come)Fire(rudder)bo(lie down) gutame,Vibration sensingIt is breaker (admire) ※Let's soak this!
Vibration sensingIt is breaker (admire): yureoFeeling(feel) jite,Electricity(we do not appear come)shi(and) merusochi

The Great Kanto EarthquakeEven in (kantoudaishinsai)Clock tower(it becomes loose and minds) did not failThe opening of a port memory hallIt is ((silkworm loosens and does not sleep or does not go)History of Yokohama-shi reference libraryOf (yokohamashishiryoshitsu)Materials(do Ryo))

The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake(hanshinawajidaishinsai)In the morning already(asahaya) kuokorimashita.HouseIs in (say), and stillSleepThere is (nemu)PeopleAs for (people)taAs we won (chase),BodyOf (body)The topIn (the top)Furniture(smell) falls down, and there is manyPeople(people)bo) which is ( kunarimashita.FurnitureSo that (smell) does not fall down,Furniture(we smell) falling downboIt is gutamenokiguotoritsukemasho (lie down).

The Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeVertical thing was broken in (hanshinawajidaishinsai)Mall(shotengai) (photograph:Kobe-shi(you should ask))

2018YearOf (we do not sleep)HouseOf (jutaku)Fire(rudder)

2018Year(we do not sleep),Yokohama-shiIt is 274 in (in the side, better)MatterOf (ken)HouseOf (jutaku)Fire(rudder) rose.Fire(rudder) is importantHara(appear) into,FireOf (rudder)boIt is gi (lie down)Carry (person); meet.

Cooker 63Matter(ken)

●You are RyoLaw of nature(ri) We are doing thisTime(time),TUE(hi) It prevents you from leaving side of this
●The circumference of cooker neatlyPiece(person) pickles always do cleansing

Cigarette 46Matter(ken)

●Oh, we bundle upTime(time) of futonThe topIt prevents you from smoking in (the top)
●Yes, it is quite commonWED(we do not see)nyu() re,kyu(do) Burr and others alwaysPiece(person) zukeru

ArsonIt is 34 ()Matter(ken)

HouseThe circumference of (say) neatlyPiece(person) is dated,nen(is), too It prevents you from putting thing which it is easy to get
●GarbageOld newspaperWe throw away (falling newspaper)Time(time),Collection dayOf (kaisyubi)In the morningIn (asa)Appearance) which is ( Do

Stove 16Matter(ken)

●Of stoveThe topIn (the top)senIt prevents you from drying thing to burn (we boil)
●Oh, we bundle upTime(time) by all means stove*(ke) Do

Fire brigadeIn (we carry)The ground(chi) Of breathPeople(people)katsuWe translate (and)

The ground(chi) Of breathPeople(people) become memberFire brigade(we carry),Fire(rudder)The ground(ji) shinnohigaioboIt is gutameni (lie down)Largejinahatarakioshiteimasu.Naka WardIn (write) of threeFire brigadeThere is (we carry).

The ground(chi) BreathThe ground(chi) Let's protect for breath
"The ground(chi) For breathYearIt is yoriga (do)taIt is kunattekiteimasu (chase).Small(chii) saiChild(come) domomoiru. Like itMediumIn (cry), where do we say to how?People(people)House(do) Hmm, do you need?The ground(chi) Of breathPeople(people) and others each otherIntellect(do) Put this, and in the case of emergencyjoIt is ke (make up)go(a) ukotogaLarge(sea bream) setsudesu.FireWhen (rudder) rose, let turn; immediately saying "escape!"gen() We were in this. Of courseOneselfKeeping life of (oneself)The most importantIs (most important), but saikinIn (forbid)TUE(hi) ButLargeWork (chase); becomeThe front(ago in)Oneself(oneself) stand*(ke) sukotomoju(ju) yodatoThoughtIt is obtained." (kanga)

Yamate fire brigade(yamateshobodan) Toshima(Toyoshima) The world will man(give up) Leader(dancho)

jokyoiroiro thereforeTrainingFor (training)Participation(sanka) let's do
"Ise Saki fire brigadeSputum of (isezakishobodan)here(house) is cliff for breathThe ground(chi) ThisWooden constructionOf (mokuzo)House(jutaku)taWe come over (chase) and do. In additionShopThere is lively town where (we show) is a lot,TouristIn (kankoukyaku)taWe come over (chase) and do.The ground(chi) ikiniyottejokyohairoirodesukara, each oneDisaster drillIn (bosaikunren)Participation(sanka) do,The ground(chi) BreathIntellect(do) You must put this.Foreign inhabitantsIn (gaikokujinjumin)taWe repent (chase). Together togetherFire(rudder)The ground(ji) TrulyDetailed(sona) obtainingLarge(sea bream) setsudesu."

Ise Saki fire brigade(isezakishobodan) Nagata(Nagata) Jiro(jirou) Leader(dancho)

Oneself(oneself) finishing standingOneself(oneself) stand, and let's do it
"Kagacho fire brigadeSputum of (kagachoshobodan)here(house) breathIn the daytimeOf (in the daytime)Population(pitch a camp grow on)taWe come over (chase) and do.NoonIn (hiru)Fire(rudder)The ground(ji) shingaki() Come,joIt is keo (make up)NeedWe assume (need)People(people)taEven if we repent (chase)Member of fire departmentIt is (we carry)Member of fire brigadeOnly of (we carry)PowerIt is not saved by (power).OneselfWith (oneself),OneselfOf (oneself)kin(chika) kunoPeople(people) seems to be helped,SUN(hi) And others to filterDetailed(sona) eruhitsuyogaarimasu."

Kagacho fire brigade(kagachoshobodan) Miura(we see and sell) Junji(follow) Leader(dancho)

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