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July, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

7Month issue(convenience)

Kotobukicho, Yokohama-shi health welfare interchange(yokohamashikotobukichokenkoufukushikouryu) center was done!

2019YearIt is 6 (we do not sleep)MON(gatsu) 1SUN(nichi),Kotobukicho, Naka-kuIn (nakakukotobukicho),YokohamaIn (Yokohama)House(do) HmmPeople(people)Interchange(interchange) surutamenoPlace(basho) was made. As for anyoneshiWe obtain (arrive)PlaceIt is (basho).

NewlyIt is shii (hit)Function(yesterday)Check(chiekku)!

Lounge ・Book(hon)Reading) which is ( muPlace(basho) Small(chii) saiHospital(byoin) allnyuIt is reru (yes)BathThere is (bath).
shiIt is u (arrive)The front(ago in)TelephoneWe grind (telephone)PlaceThere is (basho), too.shoIt is shiikotoha (eat)bun(come) Please be.

SimplyIt is (simple)Exercise(agree yes)Story societyIncluding (whether is story) is variousPurposeIn (mokuteki)shiWe obtain (arrive)RoomThere is (room).Dishes(cook) is madeRoomIn (room),The neighborIt is in (become).

Medical care(iryo)HealthIn (health)shoIt is shii (eat)PeopleThere is (people) anytime.HealthOf (health)Consultation(so) is made.

"NewlyIt is shikunattakono (hit)PlaceIn (basho), there is manyPeopleTo (people)Come(come) temoraitaidesu. AllSpiritIn (spirit),Comfort(tano) spreadMistake(do) gosukotogadekiruPlaceWe want to make." (basho)

Kotobukicho, Yokohama-shi health welfare interchange center (yokohamashikotobukichokenkoufukushisenta) Junichiro Fujinuma(wisteria marsh Junichiro) centerThe head(butterfly)

Inquiry:Kotobukicho, Yokohama-shi health welfare interchange center (yokohamashikotobukichokenkoufukushikouryusenta) TEL: 045-662-0503 FAX: 045-662-0238

NewlySpread (hit); was able to do it,ActivityIt is notameno (gather)Place(basho)

Kotobukicho(kotobukicho) nomachizukurinotamenoPlace(basho) opened.

kotobukiCollaborationIt is space (how about today)

Town developmentCharge(sputum father) doGroup(gurupu),SameIn (same)ActivityWe do (gather). TogetherStory(flower) dogo(a) ioshite,SpiritWe make town which is (spirit).FirstOf (first)SUN(hi) This townIntellect(do) rutamenoDisplayIn (turn) and all about town in the futureStory(flower) did.

Of "townHistory(rekishi)Study(study) do,In the future(shorai)SameIn (same)Thought(kanga) erutamenoPlaceIt is (basho). Of lotPeople(people)shu(atsu) circlePlaceIt is (basho). VariousActivityWe are doing (gather)People(people) withStory(flower) want to doPeopleFor (people) and volunteerInterestThere is (Kyomi)People(people) hereFriend(friend)See(see) Let's put."

kotobukiCollaboration space(how about today) Tokunaga(Tokunaga) Green(green) Mayor of facility(shisetsucho)
Inquiry: kotobukiCollaboration space(kyodosupesu) TEL: 045-323-9019 FAX: 045-323-9079

koremadenoKotobuki district(kotobukichiku)

About 60Before yearFrom (nemmae),Kotobukicho(kotobukicho),*(hatara) kuPeople(people)LifeIt was town which did (result wins).The old days(the old days),*(hatara) kuPeople(people) is 8,000PeopleWe were (appoint). Just grandfather and grandmotherzo(fu) We soaked. AllLifeTo make easy (result wins), 1974YearIn (do not sleep) "Kotobukicho synthesis labor welfare hall(kotobukichosogoroudofukushikaikan) was made.EarthquakeEven if (jishin) comesSecurityTo be (security), konoBuilding(of length),ConstructionWe did (grow on). That,This yearWas able to do it (this year); "Kotobukicho, Yokohama-shi health welfare interchange centerIn (yokohamashikotobukichokenkoufukushikouryusenta) is.

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