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May, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

5Month issue(convenience)

... atarashiijidaihe which does not lie down which buys, and learns 160 in this way

2019 6MON(gatsu).Yokohama(Yokohama)The opening of a portIt is 160 (let's go)Anniversary(learn we do not sleep)MeetingWe soak (turn).

 Naka WardIn (write)The opening of a portAt the time of (let's go),Kurofune(kurofune)Come(ku) runado,HistoryOf (rekishi)TextbookIn (kyokasho)sai) of ( ruyonaLargeCome (chase)Event(event)In great demandIt is kuarimashita (we chase number). In addition,In those daysFrom (cast)Japan(nihon)Each place(die)Foreign countriesOf (shogaikoku)People(people) in the,NewlyWe spread (hit)Come(come) taPeople(people)Reputation(u) kenyu() re,NewlyIt is shii (hit)Culture(bunka)Reputation(u) kenyu() re variesPeople(people) withSameIn (same) townProduct(arrive) came.

 Now(genzai),SocietyOf (we buy if we do)State(state)CountryOf (kuni)Relations(kankei)Eyes) which is ( magurushikuChangeWe are doing (or strange).The opening of a port(let's go)Time(ji) This*(ega) wasUkiyoe printWith (ukiyoe)NowOf (genzai)Naka Ward(write)The ratio(kura) benagaraThe opening of a portTime of (let's go)shin(fu) rihenri has just begun (buy)Strange(or) We break and goNaka WardOf (write)mi(see)ComeAbout (there are and others)Thought(kanga) let's obtain.


Three generations Hiroshige image(sandaihiroshigega) MeijiIt is 3(1870) year (give an order) Yokohama Archives of HistoryIt is in (we will go, and Ryo feels whether it is Yokohama)


It is before the opening of a port(get silkworm horse) stillWide HamamuraWhen was called with (Yokohama irregularity), hereAgricultureWith (nougyo)Fishery(gyogyo) oshiteiruchiisanaVillageIt was (irregularity).TokyoWe walk to (Tokyo) and do not take 1 dayDistanceIt is not far without being near in (kyori).
The opening of a portFor (let's go)Public worksPeople in (dobokukouji) gather,The opening of a portWhen we do (let's go)BusinessTo perform (carry double)Each placeFrom (die)Merchant(carry appoint) gathered. It is short in this wayPeriodIn (we do not work)taIt is kunohitoga (chase)shu(atsu) mari is new; could wait, and turnout was born.

Name of a god river Shinkai, Yokohama harbor chart(kanagawayokohamashinkaikounozu)  *shukaku(sadahide) Origin of Manen(spread cancer) (1860)Year(we do not sleep)

Yokohama Archives of HistoryIt is in (we will go, and Ryo feels whether it is Yokohama)

Ukiyoe printIn (ukiyoe)*(ega) dieHoncho(honcho)tsuIt is rino (how about)Now(genzai). "Honcho(honcho)4" (yonchome)IntersectionFrom (we ask)Yamashita(we let you stop)Park(we cannot ask)The area(noodles)Shooting(satsuei)


konoUkiyoe print(ukiyoe),The opening of a portWe did (let's go)NextOf (next time)YearOf (do)Honcho(honcho)tsuIt is rio (how about)*(ega) is.BusinessWe are doing (carry double)People(people),Raw silkSuch as (kiito)Baggage(baggage)LuckIt is ndeiru (vomit)People(people),Cherry blossom viewingIt is notameno (ordinary)Cherry blossomsOf (cherry tree)THU(come) ThisninaiWe come over (and) and needPeopleIncluding (people) varyPeople(people)doIt is ji ()SpaceIn (eat feel)*(ega) die.In those daysTurnout of (cast)Biography(ivy) break.ForeignerOf (gaikokujin)House(do) muPlace(basho)Foreign countryOf (gaikoku)MerchantOf (carry appoint)Building(of length)*(loss)zai(zai) didYokohama(Yokohama) is rareCityscapeIt is mio (town)See(see) rarerutoiukotode,SightseeingIn (kembutsu)Come(ku) ruPeopleAs for (people)taWe seemed to win (chase).The old daysFrom (the old days)Naka Ward(write)Japan(nihon)Each place(die)Foreign countryFrom (gaikoku)People(people)shu(atsu) was circle-cho.

Yokohama Archives of History(we will go, and Ryo feels whether it is Yokohama) Vice-director(enema to play) Saito(Saito) shiIt is (lose)


 I(I)War(we do not seem to do)shu() After breaking,PortWith (with all)kyoWith (in)iku(soda) chi,Yokohama PortOf (let's wind up the side)Growth(result butterfly)See(see) tekimashita.

 Port(with all)The worldIn (sekai)Pride(pike) ru,YokohamaIt is symbol of (Yokohama).The opening of a portAt the time of (let's go), it is AsiaEach placeIt ranges from (die)Baggage(baggage)The product(tsu) SeeInclude(come) HmmShip(ship),Yokohama PortIn (let's wind up the side)Raw silk(kiito)The product(tsu) SeeInclude(come) See,The PacificTo (let's be to sea bream)soIt is ridashiteimashita (put). ThisThe old daysFrom (the old days)YokohamaIn (Yokohama)AIt is reta (immediately)Baggage(baggage)LuckIt is bini (vomit)SekiWe do (feel)TechniqueThis is because there was (gijutsu).YokohamaIn (Yokohama)In those daysFrom (cast)The worldIn (sekai)Pride(pike) ruTechniqueThere was (gijutsu).

 Ward(ku)Government office(we bake)LineThere is (okona); "nakakuChild(come) At event called CruiseEvery year(maitoshi)Cooperation(kyoryoku) is doing. This event "Naka WardIn (write)House(do) muChild(come) domotatsuIn (stand)Port(with all)The sea(the sea)Like(do) It is said, we want you to be interestedomoiIt is io (main)Include(come) meteirundesuyo.PortOf (with all)Role(bake break),PortIn (with all)The old daysFrom (the old days)taIt is kuno (chase)People(people)shu(atsu) being waiting,YokohamaOf (Yokohama)Port(with all)The worldFrom (sekai)mitome(mito) merareteirukotonadooBiography(ivy) obtain.

 The opening of a portIt is 160 (let's go)Anniversary(learn we do not sleep)MeetingObtaining (we turn)OpportunityAs for the events various in (we come and buy)Line(okona) is broken.Naka WardEverybody who lives in (write) morePort(with all)ClosenessIn (immediate)FeelingIt is jitekurerutoiidesune (feel).

Association of Yokohama Port promotion(Yokohama Koshin is today in this way) Chairperson (ginkgo) Fujiki(wisteria comes) YukioIt is (go)


New port(shinkou) fuHead(father) image Perth

2019Year(we do not sleep)In autumnIn (in autumn)New port(shinkou) fuHead(father)LargeWe work (chase)Strange(or) We break.
Government officeWith (we bake)Company(if meet) togetherLine(okona) uBusinessBy (jigyo) "MealWe featured the theme of (shoku)ActuallyIn (actually)Experience(keiken) of there is, typingShop(show) and hotelOn earthIt became (on earth),Passenger shipOf (kyakusen) stayPlace(basho)Maintenance(seibi) is done. From thisYokohama PortPeople more in (let's wind up the side)shu(atsu) marimasu.

rekishiaruyokohamanojibasangyo silk scarf
Port(with all)Open(hira) diedTimeFrom (time)TradeOf (boeki)The centerIt was (chushin)Raw silk(kiito)YokohamaIn (Yokohama)shu(atsu) was waiting. AgainSide jobWe do (naishoku)People(people),sen(so) meThingWe wear (thing)People(people)tatsuFrom having kept (stand) silk scarfYokohamaOf (Yokohama)IndustryIt became (sangyo).YokohamaSilk scarf of (Yokohama)World-famousIn (sekaiteki)HighIt is ku (cook)Review(hail)Value(or) Be had,MostAs for (more)taWe won (chase)TimeIn (time)The worldIn (sekai)ProductIt is rareru (arrive)Quantity50% of (Ryo)The above(ijo)Fortune-telling(do) meteitanodesuyo.
 YamashitachoSilk in (butterfly which let you stop)MuseumIn (vomit hit feel),Raw silkAbout (kiito)shoWe spread (eat)Study(mana) bukotogaThe resultIt is masu (we can do it).Child(come) domomuki(mu) keno eventIn particularIt is (in particular)DisplayAs for (turn)LineAs there is (okona), by all meansPlay(aso) biniLine() Please see this.
 Yokohama(Yokohama) of scarfTradition(father who does not appear)shu(mamo) ritsutsu,JustOf (just)The timesIn (jidai)go(a) uyonaNewly(hit) shii-styleProductThere is much ri (arrive)To (person) splendorBiography(ivy) want to obtain.

Yokohama fiber promotion society(yokohamasenishinkoukai) Chairperson(ginkgo)  Matsumura(Matsumura) Toshiyuki(Toshiyuki)

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