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April, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

4Month issue(convenience)

Town which can recognize person who is nakakuhanigiwaigaarumachi, color color

Naka Ward (write) is "town where you may come to to play even if you work even if you finish".
Town which everybody makes relief (relief) for safe (security), and shines lively. We aim at town development with spirit (spirit).
As for (this year), port (with all) of Yokohama (Yokohama) does not lie down 160 this year after opening; enjoy, and do. There are events such as "Rugby World Cup 2019™" "garden necklace Yokohama 2019". Naka Ward (write) had cooperation (kyoryoku) with foreigner (gaikokujin) after port (with all) opened. Japanese (Japanese) will make towns which everybody makes relief (relief), and foreigner (gaikokujin) can live for from now on, too.

1.Town development with spirit (spirit)
We make good itokoro introduction (whether you carry) of mall (shotengai) and do town (town) well. kumachio product (arrive) rimasu where people (people) are shaken by visiting flower (flower) and green (green), rivers (river) (ugo). memasu which gives approaches (work) such as culture (bunka), art (geijutsu), sporting event (soot).
●Town development
 We do various events (ibento) in Nihon Odori Avenue (nihonodori). We do in town where person from river (river) nomiryokuosagashitetakusan (people) comes to in great Okagawa (Okagawa).
●Town becomes spirit (spirit)
People of area (chiiki) do (kyoryoku) and soak Honmoku (hommoku) nomiryokuo biography (ivy).
●We convey good place of mall (shotengai)
We convey good place of Naka Ward (write) niarushotengai (shotengai) in YouTube.

() itokoromitsukeyo which is excellent (of great Okagawa (Okagawa)! (E-boat)

2. Town development that child assists to elderly person (we ask)
Child care that child grows up into well makes delightful town. We make town where elderly person can live in well. We push forward that we know town development that everybody is easy to spend, support, obstacle of people that support, help is necessary in person without money.
●The inside is close! (quite good Like)
We cut off person from house (do) mu (people) in Naka Ward (write), and all make livable town. We hear opinion of person living by interview and questionnaire.

★Child restaurant (shokudo)
We do for activity to talk with people, company moving into action, and to be continued for a long time. We do questionnaire and check that it is necessary for child.

Child restaurant network

3. Town development to be able to spend in security (security), relief (relief)
When disasters (saigai) such as earthquakes (jishin) happened, we cut off inhabitants (jumin) and help each other and can reduce damage (damage). It is support (we cannot do) and pet to person who is (need) needing help at the time of disaster (saigai) and, by road safety (we ask) of child and elderly person (we ask), works on road (doro) about anti-crime program activity (bohankatsudo) of town by leaving (hochi) bicycle (jitensha) considered to be.

●To be able to live by making relief (relief) in area (chiiki); work
For person (people) of most, it is disaster (saigai) oherasutamenotorikumioshittemoraimasu. Disaster (saigai) gaokitatokiniminnadetasukeautamenotorikumioshimasu.

It is gutamenotorikumi-proof (lie down) by disaster (saigai) in area (chiiki)

4. All make both foreigner (gaikokujin) and Japanese (Japanese) livable town
memasu which gives town development that people in various countries (kuni) (people) spend together (soot). Information (joho) reaches foreigner (gaikokujin). Foreigner (gaikokujin) makes livable town, too.
●We do people (people) and cooperation (kyoryoku) of various countries (kuni) and wait and make

Young people "nijiiro sounding out place hard to pass unit" leading to foreign country (multicultural festival)

5.We make ward office (kuyakusho) doing action (how about so) in (same) same as people in area (chiiki) (people)

●We make ward office (kuyakusho) which it is easy to use
We make ward office (kuyakusho) which coming person is easy to know. We make ward office (kuyakusho) which it is easy to use.

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