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March, 2019

Naka Ward OfficeIn (we write) haiThere is (kuba) Information magazineOf (johoshi) ContentsIt is (there does not seem to be).

Last updated date: 2020/3/30

March issue(sangatsugo)


3 is convenience time

Cherry blossomsOf (cherry tree)CelebrityPlace and sono which are (saying niece)SoonIt is in (neighborhood)MallTo (shotengai)Appearance) which is ( Do you not run?WonderfulIt is (wonderful)Cherry blossomsWith (cherry tree)PeopleWith (people)Products(carry) you*(ma) We are in this.Mall(shotengai)PeopleWith (people)People(people)shu(atsu), by the way, do circle.kin(chika) kunoMallIn (shotengai)Line() Let's come.

Cooperative MotomachiIt is SS society (we cross how today and wait for the cause)
 There are 200 or more shops in Motomachi shopping street. We heap up at seasonal events.

Eiko Morita (French cake, cooking class)
 It is shop which we began 20 years ago. It is usable as tea room on Saturday, Sundays and holidays.
Address: 1-21-2, Motomachi Tanaka Building 2F telephone: 045-681-6155

Recommended product of Eiko Morita in Motomachi. Castella nougat, caked white sugar pudding of cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossoms honey castella, nougat, caked white sugar pudding of cherry blossoms
Honey which we made with Motomachi is cake of materials.

Mugitacho development society
We heap up town at events such as baked potato meeting or Halloween. Mall and local people do event.

Fried chicken, fireman's standard
There are cherry blossoms of Yamate Park in place where we went up slope of the back of shop. Going to see cherry blossoms at night is very beautiful. Please come to eat delicious Yakitori for return to see cherry blossoms. We wait with smile.

Address: 2-59, Mugitamachi telephone: : 045-623-9440


Recommended Yakitori of Yakitori fireman's standard in Honmoku

Hinodecho station square Store Association(hinodechoekimaeshotengai)
Great Okagawa Sakura Festival(Kagawa cherry tree Festival) is 27Time eye(worth). Opening "Large Okagawa flower Festival(ookagawafurawafesutibaru).Hinodecho station square Store AssociationIt was event of (hinodechoekimaeshotenkai). That grows big, and of nowCherry blossoms(cherry tree) worshiped.

Play set Gres B(we say)
 ShopFrom (show)Great Okagawa(Okagawa)ryo) which is ( kuSee(see) Soak. "Season of cherry blossomsIn (sakuranokisetsu)Gres BFrom (gurebi)Cherry blossoms to look at are the firstThere is person saying (Sakura to look after the first). Very glad.

Address:Hinodecho(hinodecho) 1-24 Hinodecho post office(hinodechoyuubinkyokubiru) building 2F telephone: : 045-252-7315

Play set in Hinodecho goes wrong and is recommended B

Flower play set(hanayuuzen) (Reservation(bake)Need(need))
Set menuIt is (settomenyu).Seasonal fish, vegetables, dessertWe can enjoy (kisetsunosakanayasaidezato).

san*en(sankeien) Honmoku Sancho Park(hommokusanchokouen) Yamate ParkAs for (wait and cannot ask),Cherry blossomsThere are a lot of places that are saying niece of (cherry tree).Cherry blossomsWhile looking for (cherry tree)Walk(walk) let's do.

Cherry blossoms of san*en

Honmoku Sancho Park(hommokusanchokouen)

Cherry blossoms of Honmoku Sancho Park

Cherry blossomsUnder (cherry tree),Outdoor tea ceremony(dandy) (in the outsideMatchaWith enjoying (matcha))Child musical accompaniment(kodomobayashi) (One of Japanese music(nihonnoongakunohitotsu) do not enjoy tsu)?
nichiji: When it rained 4/6 Saturday; Sunday, April 7
 ・Child musical accompaniment performance: 11:00-11:30 (Wada musical accompaniment ream) 12:30-13:00 (Hongo musical accompaniment ream)
 ・Outdoor tea ceremony: 11:00-14:00, money: 500 yen, the number of people: 50 people
basho, inquiry: Telephone in front of Honmoku Sancho Park rest house (bus stop "Wada Yamaguchi"): 045-622-2766

Great Okagawa Sakura Festival(Kagawa cherry tree Festival)

Great Okagawa Sakura Festival

We can enjoy various events including live, ship, going to see cherry blossoms at night. Stand which is full of international atmosphere exits.

Light-up of great Okagawa

Main event
nichiji: Saturday, March 30 - 4/1 Monday 11:00-16:00
 basho: Fukutomi-cho Nishi Koen , large Okagawa Pier Sakura, Hinode, Yokohama pier
Paper lantern lighting
 nichiji: Saturday, March 23 - 4/14 Sunday 17:00-24:00
 basho: Miyakobashi Bridge - Sakae Bridge

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