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About 100,000 yen (spread) that the government (seifu) gives

Last updated date: 2020/6/1

The government10 that (seifu) givesTen thousand Japanese yen(spread) (In particular(in particular) Fixed amount(teigaku) BenefitIt is (steep neighborhood))

The government(seifu) is 10 for oneTen thousand Japanese yenRaising (spread) Decision(come) memashita.
2020YearIt is 4 (we do not sleep)MON(gatsu) 27SUNIn (nichi), Yokohama-shi(in the side, better) In () House(do) Hmm RecordPerson with (we come and register) can get. Foreigner can get, too.

More shoIt is shiio (eat)Intellect(do) rase

TelephoneWith (telephone) ConsultationWe do (so)

bun(come) We want to comePeople(people) here Telephone(telephone) please do.

Japanese(nihongo),English(eigo) (English),Chinese(chugokugo) (kantaichubun)
Phone number(telephone number): 0570-045592
ConsultationWe can do it (so)Time(jikan): From 9:00 to 17:00 (5MON(gatsu) and 6MON(gatsu),On SaturdayWith (on Saturday)On SundayIn (nichiyobi)ConsultationWe can do it (so).)

Others Words(words)
The Hangul Alphabet(hanguru) (Hangul),Vietnamese(betonamugo) (Tiếng việt),Nepalese(neparugo) (नेपालीभाषा),Portuguese(porutogarugo) (português),Spanish(supeingo) (Español),TagalogIn (tagarokugo) (Tagalog) ConsultationWe can do it (so).
Phone number(telephone number): 045-211-6573
ConsultationWe can do it (so)Time(jikan):On MondayFrom (getsuyobi) On FridayFrom 10:00 of (kinyobi) to 16:30 (2Time eye(worth) and 4Time eyeOf (worth) On SaturdayAs for (on Saturday),ConsultationWe can do it (so). From 10:00 to 12:30.)

CountryOf (kuni)Intellect(do) rase

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