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New coronavirus (koronauirusu) nikiotsukete

Last updated date: 2020/7/9

NewlyIt is shii (hit) Coronavirus(koronauirusu) hirome(Hiro) as there is not pattern ImportantBeing (important)

  1. Hand(te) This well sen(fault) ukoto
  2. A cough and sneezing Appearance) which is ( rutokini MaskWe grind (masuku)
  3. A lot shin) which is ( rukoto. BalanceOf (baransu) ryo) which is ( igoMeal(make out) Meal(ta) berukoto

NewlyIt is shii (hit) CoronavirusNews about (koronauirusu)

Various WordsAnnouncement of (words)

ConsultationAbout (so)

Country(kuni) Announcement(happyo) did NewlyIt is shiioshirase (hit)

HolidayHe/she sees (do) Place(basho) Event(ibento)

NewlyIt is shii (hit) Coronavirus(koronauirusu) hirome(Hiro) is pattern; if let's be, Naka WardOf (write) Facility(shisetsu) HolidayHe/she sees (do). EventWe may not do (ibento). Mind(come) Please soak this.

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